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Should I still be waking him?

My DS is almost 6wks (Monday) he was born 4wks early.  I've been waking him to eat every 3hrs or so during the day to kind of get a schedule going especially with me since I pump around his eat times.  He was born at a good size 7.2 and he's now weighs close to 10lbs.  At night I let him wake us...but its typically every 3-3.5hrs. 

Do you guys wake your LO's? 

Re: Should I still be waking him?

  • At our 2 week dr visit, our pediatrian said since she was past her birth weight that I didn't need to wake her up at night to feed her. During the day is another story. I wake her up every 2-3 hours to eat if she's not already chopping at the bit.
  • Thanks...I'm wondering if I should be waking during the day??
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  • You may get differing opinions on waking during the day. It sounds like you are EP'ing? How many ounces is he eating at each feed? Kelly Mom suggests 25 ounces total per day on average, so if you are feeding 3 ounces a bottle he should eat approximately 8 times per 24 hour period. I personally wake if it has been more than 3 hours during the day, by that rarely happens!
  • Yes...I'm EP'ing.  He eats 3.5 ounces each feed every me waking him. 
  • My DS still has jaundice. He is four weeks today. My pedi told me to feed him every two to three hours. It has been so hard, especially night time feedings! Luckily, he is like clock work so he wakes up on his own around three hours now, instead of the two.
  • Once LO hit/passed his birth weight, we stopped waking him.  If he was sleeping longer than 3 hrs at a time during the day, I would wake him still at the 3 hour mark in an attempt to keep him from confusing days/nights.

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  • DD usually dirties a diaper in 2-3 hours, so I usually wake her when I am changing her. She nurses and then goes back to sleep. Sometimes I let her get 4 hours, depending on what my boobs are doing. 
  • I only woke DS to eat once or twice. He was back at birth weight at 4 days. As long as you're getting plenty of wet diapers I wouldn't wake. I'm a pretty strong believer of "never wake a sleeping baby" (as long as there isn't any weight issues). If they're hungry they'll wake up, they aren't going to starve themselves. FWIW I was super anxious about him eating enough at first, but it was dang near impossible to wake him up and even if I did manage to wake him he was too sleepy to eat much anyways. I figured, what was the point?

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  • I wake during the day once we surpass the 4hr mark.

    I do not wake at night.

    My boys are 2mo old and are 34weekers.

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