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18 Month Appt, behind in communication?

At our 18 month appt DS was great in all the developmental categories according to our pedi except for communication.

She said he should be saying at least 8 words excluding mama and dada...but he is currently at around 6.

She was also a little concerned that he can't point to a specific picture in a book when asked. For example, we have a "100 First Words" book with several labeled pictures. When asked "Where is the cat?" he doesn't understand that the picture is associated with the object. In real life he knows what a cat is and will point when asked, but our pedi said he's behind so we need to work more with him on that aspect.

My problem is that we do work with him. She tried to imply we don't read enough and that he watches too much t.v. But we read all day long and he rarely watches tv, maybe 30 minutes of Mickey Mouse when I take a shower.

Should I be concerned at all? I thought he was fine, just a bit behind in saying actual words...

Where is everyone else’s LO at in regards to communication?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Re: 18 Month Appt, behind in communication?

  • I'm not exaggerating when I say I could have written this exact post, except my daughter does watch a lot of tv these days due to the fact that I'm due in 11 days and am just sooo tired.
    In any event, I plan on bringing up this issue to my pedi on Tuesday. Madison loves to read. If she's not eating or watching tv, we are reading to her. In fact, her current favorite is the 100 words book, but like your child she can't point to picture if asked even though we read it 1000x. Her receptive language is excellent, she understands and follow directions terrifically. However, she only says about 6 words including momma and dadda so that is a red flag for me.
    What recommendations did your pedi give you? I'm thinking about asking for early intervention.

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  • Don't stress out! I am in a similar situation and Nat has only recently developed these skills. She doesn't point to pictures when you ask her where the object is but she can do almost everything else. You're doing your best and they will eventually develop these skills! It's not you, it's your child physically isn't there yet.

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  • My Dr told me that sometimes boys tend to start talking later than girls.  His son didn't talk until 2 & then he didn't stop talking :)  Try not to worry (easier said...I know) & I would keep doing what your doing & just keep an eye on it

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  • DD doesn't have six words for sure. Maybe one if you count "uh-oh." Sometimes she tries for "Papa" but it's nothing consistent. Her 18 month appt is soon and she will most likely be recommended for evaluation based on concerns in this area that her pedi has brought up before. I would only be mildly concerned if I were you, just keep an eye on it and get him evaluated if you feel like that's the right choice for you all. 
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  • I know this is not helpful because it is just anecdotal, but at  my 18 month appointment as a baby, I had one word, "ga," which I used for everything that I wanted, mainly food.  My pediatrician recommended to my parents that they stop being so intuitive to my needs and put me in a mother's day out-type program, where I would have to "hold my own" with other kids my age.  My parents did that, and at 2, I was speaking much more, and then before my 3rd birthday, I could read those "Early Reader" books out loud to my parents.

    I am all about early intervention if needed, and there is certainly nothing wrong with being proactive and ensuring that kids are developing on a good schedule--but just remember that 18 months is one of those deadlines when "most" kids are saying at least 10 or so words.  But that doesn't mean that there is something "wrong" with your kiddo if they are slower on the curve.  Some kids just focus on other things first, and then get around to expressive language a bit later!
  • I really don't think you need to be worried. At my LO's 18m appt they pedi was only looking for about 5 words. Most kids have a language explosion between 18-21m, so he'll probably add a ton of words in the next few months.
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  • My little sister didn't talk until she was 3!  She had her own little babble language, that apparently my older sister understood and translated for her.  There wasn't a need for her to talk...she had her own translator, lol.  I said all that to say that all kids are definitely different.  Just because your LO isn't doing X, Y, or Z by the time "they" say they should be, doesn't mean there's something wrong, or that you're doing anything wrong.  It just means that they learn different than others.  I'll also say, if 'therapy' is offered, take it!  It can't hurt anything!

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