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Pedi recs near Collegeville/trappe/limerick/etc?

Hi ladies! I just moved to the area and am looking for a good pedi. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Pedi recs near Collegeville/trappe/limerick/etc?

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    We take our kids to Main Line Peds (Dr. Zapotek, Rao and Tsai) on Arcola Rd. across from Wegmans.  We've been very happy with the physician care and with the office too. 


    Edit- It's actually Upper Providence Peds, in the Main Line Health Bldg.

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  • We go to Panda Bear Pediatrics in Collegeville and have been very happy there!
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  • We're using PennCare for Kids in Limerick. Dr. Devaney is great! And she Recently had a little girl so I feel like she can relate on a personal level too. They also have flexible hours with late evenings and weekend hours.
  • Thanks for the suggestions! Do any of these doctors allow you to choose one doctor for all well visits? My last ped didn't and I'm not a big fan.
  • When I set up my appointments at Penn Care for Kids they ask me which doctor I want to see.
  • We see the same doctor (Dr. Tsai)  for all well visits.  Our kids are 1.5 year old and we've had 1 sick visit and 2 sick after hours calls.  Dr. Zapotek was the physician all three times and I was very happy with her care as well.

    B/G twins born 5/12

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