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Facebook Transition Instructions

Hello, all!

We have completed our mission to socially engage on two cyber platforms. The Facebook Group is Titled "The Great Pumpkin Fest 2018". Many thanks to my fellow admins who have graciously shared their time in this endeavor. 


  1. Bumpies with usernames that begin with letters A-F will privately message @sliztee, letters G-L will privately message @sammierose464, letters M-R will privately message @mamabearcj, and letters S-Z will privately message @chopchop25.
  2. In the private message, please include your Facebook name and a description of your profile picture.
  3. The admin you are assigned to will give you a password that you will use to gain access to the Facebook Group.
  4. Search for  "The Great Pumpkin Fest 2018" group on Facebook and request to be added. You must answer the questions (for your username and password) asked in order to be approved as a member!
Due to Facebook constraints, our group will need to be "Closed" until everyone has moved over. Once most/all of the Bumpies have transitioned over to the Facebook platform, we will change the group's status to "Private".
Please feel free to reach out to any of our admins (@sliztee, @sammierose464, @mamabearcj, @chopchop25) if you have any questions or concerns.


Re: Facebook Transition Instructions

  • Love the name!
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  • So cute! 

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  • Cute name! Thanks for organizing this, ladies!!  

    Also just FYI, when you search for the group, you can see the full description and even the admins names and profile pics before you request to join, if anyone cares about that (esp the admins I guess, since your full names are out there now?)
  • Cute name!!
    Thanks for organizing ladies :)

  • Dammit I totally didn’t read this before messaging the wrong admin. Sorry guys! Will have to redo it later tonight when I can get to a desktop. Thanks for throwing this together! 
  • Thanks for organizing ladies - what a lot of work on your part!! 
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  • Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting, both now and as we go forward!
  • Happy to (:
  • Thanks for setting the group! I fail at the Bump app so I’m looking forward to posting on FB!
  • Thanks for doing the dirty work! I’ll see you guys over there in a few weeks!
  • Instructions worked like a charm :) thanks guys!
  • I can't tell, but is this a "sticky" or whatever it's called for those of us not yet ready to join so we can find it later? I can't tell on my crappy phone.
  • sammierose464sammierose464 member
    edited July 2018
    Good point.

    Not sure we can have it stickied though as it's talking about leaving TB...
  • slizteesliztee member
    edited July 2018
    I don't believe we should request a sticky, @ummibtihaj. Feel free to use the search function or reach out to one of us for the link to the instructions in the future!

  • Love the name!!! Thanks admins!
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  • We'll be waiting with open arms, @sawyerrichardson! <3
  • @sammierose464 I never thought of that. I and other late joiners will just have to search for it.
  • Awesome name. Thanks guys for doing this!
  • quiltandknitquiltandknit member
    edited July 2018
    Edited: sorry for the double post!
  • Just when I was finally accepting that I might have to figure out how to bump on mobile! Yay!!!

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  • Omg obsessed with the name. Thanks so much for all your effort in getting this going!! 
  • @sammierose464 I did something dumb - can you please check your messages? Thanks! :)
  • Thanks for all the work y’all put into this! 
  • Thanks for this! I was really active on here for a while but have mostly switched to other platforms lately... so that would work much better for me. 
  • @HoosOnFirst I got ya!

    FYI for whoever is messaging me for access, I'm working (and super busy tonight) so I'm a bit slower to respond. getting you as I can :)
  • Thanks to the ladies who took on the great move! 
  • That’s awesome - thanks to all of you for organizing!
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  • Thanks for organizing this! Love the name!
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  • Awww little pumpkins! Will PM tonight after work!
  • This is awesome, thanks for organizing this ladies!
  • Thanks for organizing this!

    This is probably a dumb question and will show my lack of social media knowledge, but if it’s a “closed group” vs a “private” one, will my posts in the group show up on my friends newsfeed? I want to interact with you guys, but I don’t want my grandpa to see what I’m posting in the group, if that makes sense lol (he seems to see anything I comment on and then feels a need to say something about it *eye roll emoji*)
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  • I will defer to other Facebook aficionados for their definite response, but I feel pretty confident the answer is no, @spartan4life.
  • Thanks ladies for setting this up! I suck at bump mobile and lately I've been too swamped at work to bump.
  • Haha I think some of us may need a Facebook group 101 lesson.  I’ve mostly just used Facebook to browse up to now, but I’m sure I’ll be getting more into it now! 
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