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My dd was born at 26 weeks and spent 13 wks in the NICU. she came home at 6.4 lbs on 6/7 and as of this past Thursday she weighs 9lbs now at 5.5 months. She wears 0-3 mo clothes but at her last dr appt they didn't seem concerned. I pump more than she bf's and she gets 1-2 feedings of neosure. My husband is concerned for her that she could get Rickets... any other moms have slow growers and have no issues? I'm going to call her pediatrician tomorrow for her advice

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  • She sounds like a good weight for her adjusted age. If the pedi isn't concerned then try not to be.
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  • i'm gonna call in the morning, -- I am not concerned, -- i think she's doing fabulous, but husband is. -- Also, since i've returned to work (she does go w/ me), its been harder to bf as often so i know the fat content isn't as high. 
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  • Why is he concerned about Rickets? Do you give LO a Vitamin D supplement?
  • ....because of her slow growth w/ mainly bf.

    if she were on supplemental vitamin D there wouldnt b a cause for concern. He's worried shes not getting enough from me.
  • My boys were kind of slow growers around that age too. My little one was 10 lbs at his 6 mo check up. To help them get more calories in addition to bfing, we added two bottles of bm fortified with neosure to make it 24 Cal/oz. They also had polyvisol until 9 mo old. You can ask your pedi or Google the "recipe" to fortify you bm to higher calorie. But in general bf babies tend to grow a little slower and not be quite as heavy. Most importantly though is that she continues to follow a growth curve. My little one has never once been on the chart for weight but he grow steadily on his own curve.
  • I have no advice but we also give Anna (fmr 26 weeker) poly vi sol with iron. She doesn't love it, but she usually gets it down when mixed with bm,

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  • we do iron supplements as well. -- so thankful she doesn't hate them -- lord knows i do, - i tasted it once, -- AWFUL!!
  • My DD was a similar size at that age.  Pedi was never concerned but I was always a little worried.  She is still a peanut at 21lbs at 22 months and until recently followed her own growth curve for weight.  She has since plateaued but for now they are attributing it to being more active.  
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  • My 32 weeker has always been a very slow gainer. He has terrible reflux (we are still dealing with it at 10 mo. actual) and an essentially non-existent appetite! We have been working with a Pediatric G.I. to try to figure out the problem. It's been a struggle for sure! Ultimately, if your pedi isn't concerned, and she's following her own growth curve, I think she's doing just fine!

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