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Pregnant after 35

Reasons it's awesome to be 35...

I turned 35 on Tuesday, I'm a FTM, but there are already so many things I consider awesome about being 35 and expecting I just had to share. Financially stable, easily avoiding drama, a little smarter about all the medical stuff, not obsessed with doing a nursery in trucks or daisies- what's wrong with nice artwork and furniture for a kid, right?!, confident in who I am, experienced love, loss and everything in between. Better skin. Confidentially stand by our decisions. Traveled. The list goes on... Please contribute!
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Re: Reasons it's awesome to be 35...

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    I love this post! I agree with all the reasons you listed. My aunt and uncle also waited until they were over 35. They supported our decision to wait for all of those reasons and also because our marriage is stable (married almost 9 years, together for 15) and they said we'll be more patient parents than if we hadn't waited since we're older and wiser now :)

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  • My Mom was 34 when I was born and 39 with my sister. My ILs were older parents too. I didn't want to be to AMA so we had DS when I was 31. Then 2IF with this one makes me 36 when this one's born. DH and I have been at our jobs forever. We both got our Masters degrees before kids. I can't imagine being a parent in my 20s.
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  • I think that I'm better able to provide a stable home for a child.  Can afford the things that I want to provide, the places that I want to take my kids to.  I waited for the right guy to raise a family with....and it my mind that is worth everything.  We are becoming parents together-and through our trial to get pregnant, have become rock solid as a couple.  Cann't wait for our child to say that they hope their marriage is just like their parents!!
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  • I have grown so much in my thirties and now that I've hit 40 I feel that I know so much better what kind of parent I want to be and the example I want to set for my daughter. I also think having gone through the experiences I went through to get here I am so much more grateful and know for certain this is what I want. I've grown into my skin as a mother and I have a focus and resolution I never had before.
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  • I love this thread!!  It's a great read after a rather long Monday.  Yes, I still have my "high school" moments where I wonder if I'm cool enough, cute enough, or I'm hating my hair.  Simply put, I'm happier now than I've ever been. Happy = better mom, friend, wife etc :-)
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  • Totally agree :) I'm 35 and pregnant with my first. I've had friends nag me for the last 10yrs to have kids, these friends are constantly complaining about money and work. But now I'm financial secure, my mortgage is payed off so we bought an investment property, I have built my own business that I can run from home and be here for bub, and I feel ready! :P to all those naggers. :)
  • Totally agree with all sentiments here. Couldn't be happier or more comfortable with being 36, 37 next week and a FTM! I probably find unsolicited advice more annoying, than if i was younger, however...ha!
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