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Is everyone "done" with the contest?  I really thought that doing a "letter" would get more participation but the numbers have dwindled, and dwindled, and dwindled.  I'm just curious if it's even worth keeping it up?  Kind of like MMM and TTT have phased out other than a random week here and there(I quit posting because no one was replying, so thanks to the others that have stepped in and started the post).  Just asking to see if it's worth it every week, to keep going with it?

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Re: RE:Photo Contest

  • Didn't we have like 10 entries last week?  Lots of people were commenting about how many great pictures there were to choose from.  I personally didn't think it was dead, but maybe I'm wrong.  
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    I normally post but I just can't figure out something for T.  I have gone through the pictures I have and nothing for this week.  Doesn't help that we have been super busy/stressed at home so she has spent a little extra time with my parents and my dad "forgets" to send me pics.

    ETA: found one that will work!
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  • I plan on doing it tonight if I can find one.  I don't have any good pics on my phone here at work.
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  • Yeah, last week there were quite a few posts, but it's not that every week.  I know that we all get busy, or don't always have a pic that works.  I was just wondering if it was a 'dead' thing for us all.  I'm definitely willing to keep it going, I like it.  Just didn't know if others were bored.

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  • I don't think it is specifically the photo contest, I think it is that the board is slowing dramatically.  I was really regular for a while but now I can go a week without logging in.
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