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CPW: Does your LO like water?

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And in water, I mean the pool or water activities like a splash pad or sprinklers, etc. Not the bath!

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CPW: Does your LO like water? 40 votes

Yes! S/He is a water baby!
80% 32 votes
No, they scream in terror at the sight of water.
2% 1 vote
Unsure. We either haven't tried it or LO is so-so.
15% 6 votes
2% 1 vote

Re: CPW: Does your LO like water?

  • He doesn't scream at this sight of water, thinks it's neat and cool to look at, but does not want in!

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  • Ramona loves loves loves all water except the actual bath tub. She will take a bath in a bucket outside (full on bath, warm water, soap, everything) but the minute she sees water running in the bathtub she runs screaming.

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