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Vbac with a big baby

So here I am pregnant with baby and I'm reallllly wanting a VBAC but I'm getting very discouraged because everywhere I'm hearing that I am not a good candidate for VBac because my last baby was ten pounds. Should I just listen to the dr or go for the VBAC? Does anyone else out there have similar stories and have success' after their first baby being a big one? I'm drowning in pregnancy tears!

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  • Personally, I believe that our bodies don't grow babies bigger than it can deliver. My first was 10lbs1oz, and my vbac baby was 9lbs10oz. Getting him out was not an issue at all. If you really want to vbac, I wouldn't take a large baby as the only reason not to. Hopefully you can find a supportive provider!
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  • My DS was 9lb12oz, and I am currently 30wks hoping to vbac #2... My original dr and so wishy washy over okaying a vbac if they were expecting a "big" baby again...I went for a second opinion last week and am switching providers to a very supportive group!

    My new dr and midwive both said a "big" baby is no reason to schedule a c/s, and as scary as it was to switch what I know at 30 weeks, I feel so much relief!!
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  • My C/s baby was 8.6 at 37 weeks. My 2 VBAC babies were 7.12 and 9.14. My 7.12 baby shows not all 2nd babies are bigger. My 9.14 was my easiest delivery - 4 pushes and he was out!
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  • Im in the same situation!! My daughter was only 7.15, 5 years ago..vaginally. My son was 10.14 2 years ago, via elective C-section..due to "large" baby and the drs pushing me into one. I WILL attempt a vbac this time around, regardless of them trying to scare me into one...my dr seems supportive, but says I can have another big one...but oh well!!
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  • My c/s babes were 8 3 and 8 6 my vbac boy was 9 lbs 7.5 I did tear like crazy, but that's because I pushed so hard and so fast-- once I was you dilated there was no way in hell I was going to let labor stall so they could haul me off for a c/s! Lol.

    It was SO worth it!

    If you limit how much weight you gain, that could help ensure better chances I gained 60+ lbs w DD and 35-40 w DS.


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    Find a new doctor who supports you and go for the VBAC.

    My first was just under 9lbs and my second (VBAC baby) was just over 9lbs.
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  • My doctor always said during my pregnancy that it doesn't matter how much they weigh as long as the head isn't in like, the 100th percentile. You could have a 10 lb baby but at 20+ inches long the weight is distributed, you know? I agree, a big baby isn't a great reason to section.
  • *Listens in* I had an elective C-section with DS (10 lbs 9 oz), and I'm now 17 weeks pregnant with number 2. I've already switched OBs once, and I can't seem to find anyone that will have a real VBAC conversation with me given his size. The only option I can seem to find is a birth center about 45 minutes away, but I'm not 100% comfortable with that either. My C-section was traumatic, to say the least. There was problem with the spinal anesthesia and I literally thought I was dying on the table. I can't even discuss it without crying. I truly think going back into that operating room will be worse for me and for my baby than any of the potential risks of vaginal delivery, even if only because it completely terrifies me. I feel like I have no options.
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  • I know how you feel.  Every doc appointment I am reminded that if baby gets too big I may not be able to have my VBAC.  I'm trying to stay positive.  I plan on fighting for it if need be!
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  • My friend had a csection after being diagnosed with CPD with her first baby (9 pounds). She went on to vbac two 10 and 11 pound babies in quick and uncomplicated deliveries.
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  • AshandThree, I'm right there with you! I have my first appt with a new dr next week and I'm not sure if he's gonna be open to the VBAC and what I find so frustrating is that when you call an office to see if any drs do VBAC's they are very vague and laugh and say things like well you have to be a good candidate and everything depends. So I guess we just have to keep our heads up and hope for the best! I can definitely relate to you too when it comes to an emotional csection. I could feel them cutting me so I had to be put under. That experience was so bad for me that I want to fight so hard to VBAC because another csection scares me soooooo bad. Glad I'm not the only one with the same fears! Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences on here! We are strong women!! :-)
  • I have had two really big babies at home VBAC.  One was 11lb7oz  and the other was 10lb15oz.  Those are the biggest but  I have also had 2 over 9 lb babies and one almost 9.
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    My friend was diagnosed with CPD with her first baby who was 9 pounds. Went on to have two successful vbacs, with quick and uncomplicated labours, with 10 and 11 pound babies. What always shocks me is that when she was pregnant with her third (ie, when she had one successful vbac under her belt) an OB told her that her pelvis was too small and she would never birth vaginally and didn't "see how it was possible" that she already vbac'd a 10 pounder so she should just schedule a csection.

    Eta... I hate bump mode. Didn't realize this was an old thread and that I had already answered. sorry :)
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