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how far apart are your LOs?

HOw far apart are your LOs if you had a VBAC? we just had an unplanned C-Section in June and we aren't TTC now but we don't want our LOs to be too far apart. I am worried about not being able to have a VBAC if they are too close.

What is your experience?

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Re: how far apart are your LOs?

  • Mine are 2 years and 10 days apart.  I got pregnant when DD#1 was 15 months old and went on to have a successful VBAC with no issues.  I think rule of thumb is they say to try and have 18 months between deliveries if you are going for a VBAC.  I really like the spacing too.  DD#1 was old enough to kind of know what was going on, but didn't really care that she had a sister jealousy issues until she was a bit older and her sister started getting into her stuff.
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    Ask your OB if they have a preference or requirement. Mine wanted 18 months to 2 years between deliveries, which was fine with me, because we wanted our kids 2-2.5y apart anyway.

    My VBAC baby was born 27m after my c/s.
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  • My OB also wanted at least 18 months between deliveries.  My DS was born 22 months after my DD. I am liking the spacing so far.  DD is able to help out a little and she didn't seem to mind when we brought DS home.  My SIL had her 2 kids 17 months apart and that was hard on her in the beginning because her older DS was still pretty much a baby himself and then she had a newborn to take care of also.
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  • My kids are 22 months apart. I had two miscarriages between them though, and my ob was completely vbac supportive with what would have been my original birth interval of 16 mints. I would find out your providers preference. While, IMO and experience, it is safe to vbac with less than 24 months in between, you may have a difficult time finding a provide who agrees.
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  • Almost 22 months
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  • 2 years and 7 months apart.

  • Mine were also 22 months apart. I think they wanted at least 18 months apart.
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  • 23 months between my cs baby and my first VBAC, and 28 months between my first and second VBAC.
  • Mine will be 3 years and 2 months.  While researching, the recommendations I found were not to conceive for 24 months, but this is conservative.  I think it depends on your ob, what occurred during your first pregnancy and the shape you are in now.  
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