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Clothes/Shoe sizes on invite?

Is it tacky to list your child's clothing size and shoe size on the party invite?  Personally, I am glad when I see it on invites I receive b/c I like to buy clothes as gifts and it eliminates having to guess the right size or call and ask the mom, but I'm a FTM coming up on LO's first birthday and don't know how this is perceived by others.


Re: Clothes/Shoe sizes on invite?

  • Personally, I think it's tacky to include ANY gift information on the invitation.  It makes it seem like you are inviting people so they bring "stuff."  For me, putting size on the invitation is like saying "Please come to my party and bring me clothes."

    In this day and age of returns, if someone wants to bring you clothes they will and if it's not the right size you can exchange it.  I know if I were giving a clothing gift I would include a gift receipt with it for just that reason.
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  • Thanks.  I should have known that if I had to ask if it was tacky, it probably was. :-)
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  • I will not be including that information on my invite. I figure if people want to know they will contact me to ask.  
  • I think that's up there with asking for cash on your wedding invitations.


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  • The only people who would buy clothes would be family I would think. Leave it off.
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