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HARMONY test - in need of test in NYC

Can anyone share with me where they were able to get blood drawn for the Harmony test?  I had maternit21 done with my obgyn and thankfully came up negative but my husband is still worried and wants an amnio - I am hoping a second test confirming a hopefully negative result will calm him down without having to get invasive testing.  Anyone to help point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!

Re: HARMONY test - in need of test in NYC

  • Hi there,
    I don't know anyone who does the test, but is that something your ob/gyn could tell you? Maybe refer you to a geneticist?
    Best of luck!!
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  • If you are still considering the harmony test, they offer it at Cornell, but as btimes3 said, it is essentially the same test and insurance will definitely not cover both. I opted to do the harmony and skipped the amnio because I have a history of mc....I think you need to discuss with your husband what his concerns really are. Amnio is the only way to definitively rule out any type of chromosomal/genetic anomaly but it is not without risk, and it's your body. You have to be comfortable with your choices. If you haven't already met with a genetic counselor I would get an appointment with one ASAP.
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