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I'm currently taking the natures made + dha. I love them but I find my stomach gets really upset if I don't eat first. Sometimes I go get breakfast in the morning and want to take my vitamin before. Unused to take vitafol(prescription for $40 a month) stopped that.

Any suggestions on over the counter prenatal that do not tear your stomach up? I'm sure everyone is different.... The chewable prenatals are good for this purpose.....

Thank you!!

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    I love the chewables, they taste awesome and they don't upset my stomach. However, they do not contain any iron so my OB prescribed an iron supplement to go with them. Of course, I also have to take colace with the iron supplement to prevent constipation. So far it is working fine. I also take an additional folic acid supplement because I am having twins and I need more than regular prenatal vitamins have. It ends up seeming like a lot of pills/chews, but I haven't had any stomach issues.
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    I'm having twins as well. How many chews do you take? It has 800 mg of folic acid. Sometimes I feel jipped with my regular ob!!!

    Are you seeing a high risk doctor?
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    Gr8teGr8te member
    I take Prenatal Plus, which is an Rx. Due to my insurance, it's much more reasonable than purchasing OTC. I have to take my vitamin after dinner to avoid stomach upset. Once I started taking it then, I haven't had any issues. GL
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    I take the Kroger brand on my way to bed and have no issues. They are coated like ibuprofen to help with not tasting them.
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    I've been taking the Bellybar chewable prenatal vitamins since TTC. I have a pretty sensitive stomach and have not had problems with these, though I take them at night with food to be sure. They have no DHA so I take that separately.
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    The Target brand prenatals are also coated.  I find them much easier to take than the Nature's Made.
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    kc1218kc1218 member
    Im lurking from the IF board. Hope you dont mind me butting in this convo. I use the CVS brand prenatal and dha. There are 2 pills that come in one box. The are $15 for a month and they commonly have a buy one get one free deal. So thats 2 months for $15. I always try to eat something when I take them but I have never gotten sick on them. My sister is really sensitive to prenatals and gets sick often. However, she takes these and has no issues. She recommended them to me and I love them!
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    My chews are vitafusion brand and I take 2 every evening. They have 800mcg folic acid (400 in each chew). My additional folic acid supplement is 1mg, so it more than doubles what I get from the chews. My iron supplement is 65mg. I don't know if it's because they are really small or because I always take them with a snack, but the additional supplements have not given me any problems. Before I switched to my chew system though my tummy was upset all the time. If you continue taking chews make sure they have iron, or take an additional iron supplement. Mine don't have iron because iron overdose is dangerous in children and the chews are so tasty kids might get into them. I don't know if your doc would want you to have additional folic acid too, but I would ask!

    I am not seeing a high risk doctor now, but I kind of wish I was. I feel like my OB doesn't really take the twin thing serious enough, I am told things like "just eat a little extra and sleep a little more" like it's no big deal. Apparently I will be allowed to see a maternal fetal medicine specialist in addition to my OB after 20 weeks, I can't wait for still feels so far away! I asked about getting a referral to a different hospital where I could receive more intensive care and I was shot down. In my case it is due to having military insurance and not having a choice as to which clinic/doctors I am assigned to. If you aren't happy with your OB and you have the option of switching to another one or being referred to a high risk doctor, do it!
    TTC since June, 2011 with anovulatory PCOS, 1 blocked tube, and mild MFI
    3rd cycles clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
    4th cycles letrozole/Ovidrel + IUI = BFN
    IVF #1 = BFP! Twins due 2/5/2014
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