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Normally I would google something like this, but I'm afraid if I do, I'll start freaking out some more.  I'm trying to stay calm and optimistic, though I'm really struggling with that right now.  So, I'm wondering if you ladies are willing to share some of your collective knowledge with me?

My doctor called with my beta results from last week this afternoon.  They doubled in about 21 hours (super speedy!).  On Saturday, I started having cramping (on and off) about 2 inches below my belly button. I didn't think much of it, because things are growing and changing there obviously.  However, when I mentioned it to the doctor, she was very concerned and now thinks it's a possibility this baby has implanted somewhere outside the uterus.  This means they are going to continue to run betas on me until they hit 2000 and then bring me in for an ultrasound as soon as they do.

For you ladies that have unfortunately experienced ectopic pregnancies in past pregnancies, what kinds of symptoms did you have?  Any pretty stories about doctors thinking you were experiencing that and baby ended up being snuggled up safely right where it should be?

Thanks in advance for anything you can offer me.  I really appreciate it!

UPDATE: My betas went from 94 last Friday to almost 1500 yesterday, which means the doctor brought me in for an ultrasound today.  I was prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best.  In the doctor's words, she said "it looks suspiciously like an early pregnancy" on my ute!  She still wants to keep an eye on me, which means more betas tomorrow and next week and a follow up u/s on the 13th.  Right now, it's looking like everything is progressing nicely though.  Ladies, thank you so much for telling me about your histories and offering me support!

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Re: UPDATED Ectopic?

  • I'm still just lurking, but I had an ectopic pregnancy in March. I had severe pain, not really cramping, to one side. It was a sharp pain that would not subside. My betas were also all over the day it would be doubling and then the next it wouldn't rise at all. I hope it works out for you and will keep you in my T&P
  • Thank you @alesullivan1984 and @RosiePeare for the support and info.  It does feel like they went to high alert really quickly, but I guess it's better to be sure.  To be fair, this cramping has felt more sharp than my previous pregnancy and it was the "sharp pain" of the cramping that gave her the concern.  I'm just hoping the early ultrasound will show everything is just where it should be!

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    Lurking and figured I'd share my story...

    I had light bleeding 4 days after getting a faint BFP at 14 dpo. 3 days later, I ended up in ER with immense back/left side pain, feeling very nauseous. ER Dr said it was a hemorrhagic cyst and sent me home w/dilaudid. I had my betas drawn that week (5 weeks pregnant) as well-was low but had doubled (330-714) but my progesterone dropped from 12 to 6 and I was put on progesterone supplements. A week after the ER, I went in for blood work and recheck. My beta only rose to a 1,050, progesterone dropped to a 2, so we all knew it was not a viable pregnancy. When I complained of feeling "full" even though was barely eating and had no pain, plus I had been bleeding for 10 days at that point, I was sent for an u/s. The u/s showed possible ectopic and that the "cyst" was now 6x bigger. Turned out I had a ruptured tube, no cyst, it was the pooling of blood that mislead the ER Dr.

    Good thing your Dr is keeping a close eye. I stupidly waited a week after the ER to be rechecked instead of listening to my inner voice that was SURE I was having an EP. If you are having a lot of pain or start feeling pain in your shoulder, go to the hospital. My pain was PAIN, not just cramps and an annoying twinge here or there. I have a high pain tolerance and when I could not keep on working, I knew it was something bad. I didn't know if I was going to pass out or vomit. It was definitely very obvious something was very wrong. 

    Good luck to you all turns out well!!!!


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  • **Lurking**

    I lived through a ruptured ectopic. I'm praying you don't have to go through that and I am so sorry you got that news, but glad you have a doctor who is watching you. I hoping you get some better news soon.

    I had cramping from the time I got my BFP until I was in hellish pain the week I ruptured. My doctors office at the time told me it was round ligament pain and to take a Tylenol. I naively took that advice since I wasn't bleeding or spotting at the time and figured pain came with pregnancy.

    Starting 2 days before I ended up in the hospital I had sharp cramping, back pain, and stabbing pains now I know were far worse than a labor contraction. I was also very dizzy. I called the doctors office again and they told me that they don't see patients until 8 weeks or more since I wasn't bleeding.

    That night I actually attempted to go out to dinner. I ended up pale and cold and hot at the same time. My DH insisted I go to the ER. I was afraid I was going to be brushed off and laughed out of the ER, but by the time I got there the floor was my best friend. I felt like someone was stabbing my back and insides at once. The ultrasound was painful to say the least. They tried methotrexate and I was rupturing adding to my pain, since they never checked me for internal bleeding. I did pass out and vomit at that point. Luckily a nurse did take my blood pressure and they finally figured out I had ruptured.

    I'll be praying for you. Wishing you nothing but the best news. ((HUGS))
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  • With mine the pain was much lower. Like hairline level and over an inch or two. A few days before it ruptured I felt a very weird pinching sensation that lasted all of five minutes and wasn't even enough to say it "hurt". But on the day it ruptured it was severe pain, gave me the shakes, couldn't walk or even stand. But oddly it also came and went. I'd feel the most intense pain ever for 5-15 minutes and then it would disappear for 30 minutes at a time. Really threw my RE for a loop as he thought it might be a cyst since he said ectopics didn't come and go. But on the ultrasound all he could see was lots of blood. My betas leading up we're 7 at 12dpo, 32 at 14dpo, 201 at 18dpo, and then only 300 at 20dpo (the day it ruptured). It's good that your doctor is being so proactive and hopefully it will turn out that baby is fine. Good luck!

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  • I had an ectopic in March - while I did have cramps (not severe more like pressure) for a few days the tell tale signs were the spotting and betas that didn't double. I'm kind of mad at your doctor for worrying you about this especially because it doesn't look like you have had an ectopic before :( I hope everything turns out okay for you, I really think it will!
  • I had an ectopic last year. I had extreme pain in my left side, along with bleeding. It was often just brown blood, but randomly there would be bright red blood. The bleeding happened within days of getting my BFP. The pain happened about 3 weeks doubled over needing help to get to the bathroom. I was extremely constipated, so stupid me just though the pain was from that. About a week after that I had another episode of bright red bleeding and went in to see my doctor. At this point I was about 7 weeks, so they did an u/s where it was discovered that I had an ectopic.

    Cramping is very common in pregnancy, so I'm not exactly sure why your doctor is already suspecting that. Hopefully it's nothing, but make sure you push for an u/s as soon as they should be able to see something.

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  • Thank you so much for all of your stories.  I'm so sorry all of you had to go through that, because it sounds horrible and really scary.  Like most of you said, I think I'll just continue to be aware of how my body is feeling and try to be really patient for the ultrasound (which will probably be early next week).  FX everything is fine and they are just being over-cautious based on my history.

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  • My ectopic was strictly pain on my sides, before my tube bursted I would have extreme pain on my sides then I would spot a little bit. It happened like that for a week or so. My hcg levels were not doubling only barely rising and they never went past 500. I felt like something was wrong, I knew I as going to lose the baby. When my tube actually bursted I thought I had to make a bowel movement went and sat on the toilet and then the worst pain struck me and I couldn't hear anything but a ringing in my ears, then I felt slightly better. My tube was the size of a banana. What they need to be doing is giving u regular ultrasounds to see if your tube is getting bigger or not. They should have listened to me and maybe my tube could have been saved. Just listen to your body, and yes it is very upsetting that your doc would frighten you like this, I hope the best for you and honestly to me it doesn't sound like ectopic, but that's just my thought. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)
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  • With my ectopic I had crazy spotting, pain on one side, shoulder pain, and my betas did not double in 48 hours. All the text book symptoms basically. Hopefully what you are feeling is just RLP and baby is snug in your ute!
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  • I'm sorry you are having to worry about this. (((Hugs)))

    I had an ectopic in Feb. and my symptoms were continuous red spotting and betas that weren't going up like they should. My first set doubled just fine but my following draws all remained pretty stagnant. I had an u/s that showed nothing on my ute and a biopsy of the ute that showed no pregnancy tissue. I was sent for MTX immediately after getting the biopsy results.

    FX baby is snuggling up in your ute and more (((hugs)))

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  • With my ectopic I had extreme abdominal pain on my right side.  My doctor confirmed it with an ultrasound.  It was horrible. 

     I was too far along for drugs, so scheduled surgery.  But I didn't make it the 2 days to my scheduled surgery.  DH had to rush me to the ER and I went into emergency surgery.  I lost my right tube. 

    The good news is I got pregnant with DD naturally, with no help two months later.  :-)  Have your OB really check you.  This is not something to mess around with .  Good luck! 

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