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Choking sound, can't swallow spit fast enough

My 7 month-old son has scared me very badly three times now by doing this: he sounds like he's choking, almost like he can't swallow fast enough. Both times it's happened about 3 hours after he ate (he's bf). His eyes get real watery and his cheeks turn red. We keep him upright and pat his back and it only lasts about 10 seconds or less, but when it's happening, it feels like forever... Does this sound familiar to anyone? It freaks me out so badly.

Re: Choking sound, can't swallow spit fast enough

  • My DD used to do the same thing. When her acid reflux was acting up and she was going to throw up, she'd sound like this. She actually learned to swallow what she was throwing up. (Kinda gross). But she would sound like she was gagging and swallowing really fast on top of that and her face would get red. Just keep him upright for about 20 minutes after a feeding and when he starts to do this. If it gets to the point where he is actually throwing up or this effects his appetite, I would see your pedi.
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  • Try not to get freaked out, if he's making sound he's getting air and you don't have to worry :)
  • Been there still happens on occasion it's acid reflux :(. It gets better
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