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Light weight diaper bag

I'm looking for a nice, but light weight diaper bag that would be good for a 2 yo and infant.

Re: Light weight diaper bag

  • The SkipHop Versa is incredibly light, but not sure how well it would handle all the gear of a newborn and two yr old.

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  • I have 2 that fit all of my stuff for my boys. A Timi and Leslie Leather tote and my OiOi Plaid Carry All Bag.

    Both bags are really cute too. Between the 2 I like the OiOi Carry all bag better because it's not as deep as the other one and easier to organize and keep what you need handy. It also is lightweight and has less of a diaper bag feel to it when you carry it. The ironic thing is I got the OiOi for a baby gift for was the first diaper bag I ever got. It still looks new and for whatever reason I keep going back to it. I also have an OiOi hobo I used a lot for just DS1. The bags hold up great.

    I do like the parent bag with the Timi and Leslie a lot though. I wish all diaper bags had them but I think it's a little heavy at times. It looks good though.
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  • I used my versa for a newborn and 15 month old. I don't pack a whole lot though.

  • I have a Lululemon gym tote that is AMMMMMAZING! Better than any of my million other diaper bags. 
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  • I use the Vera Bradley backpack. It is nice because you can really scrunch it up if you have to shove it someplace. I love being hands free with the backpack

  • I'm using a skip hop versa right now for a two year old and an infant and it is not big enough in my opinion. take a look at the skip hop grand central. Supposedly it's only 14 oz when empty and pretty large.

  • I LOVE LOVE my Vera Baby Bag! Even though one will last you forever because they're quality made... I received one from a friend for Baby #1, one from my sister for Baby #2 and will be ordering one next week for Baby #3... I HIGHLY recommend them! They fit everything I needed for my 3yr old & newborn...

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