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Dry and Sleeping through the Night

My LO is 8 months old and is a fairly good sleeper.  Since she was about 10 weeks old she sleeps from about 8p until 3a, we feed her at 3a and then she sleeps from 3:30 until 7.  I feel like waking up once through the night is not terrible in the scheme of other stories I have heard.

We have had a few weeks where she has slept entirely through the night and I think she would probably be more successful with this but she leaks through her diaper.  I have tried switching her to a larger diaper at night and it helps, most of the time.

Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to keep her dry through the night?  I realize she will have a wet diaper but the wet onesies need to stop so we can all get a full nights rest!
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Re: Dry and Sleeping through the Night

  • JJ_13JJ_13 member
    2nd vote here for Huggies Overnite in a size up. And this is coming from someone who uses cloth during the day! Our LO goes 12+ hours in that diaper with no leaks.
  • We use Huggies Overnights too. Haven't had a problem since.
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  • We also use huggies overnights in a size up.  We are on our 3rd kid and they have worked for all 3!  Now, if the overnight diaper is still not cutting it, add a pad to the diaper.  Really, it works.  They make super thin extra absorbant ones now (they didn't have such great ones 6 years ago with my first DD), so they won't bother the baby but will absorb the extra pee so you don't have leaks!
  • Huggies overnights for us (we use pampers swaddlers during the day but in our experience they were not great as an overnight diaper)
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