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Prepping body for VBAC?

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So I'm a little clueless when it comes to VBAC. I'm not even pregnant with #2, but I was wondering if there are ways to prepare your body so that you can be a good candidate for VBAC. I had an emergency cs because DS had the cord around his neck but would really love to try a VB. I had GD and am a bit overweight (although I am working on it right now with as much success as one can expect while BFing)...

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Re: Prepping body for VBAC?

  • I am also interested in this! I never considered wanting a vbac until recently. Now we have stairs and a toddler and now I am REALLY interested in trying it. My hospital prefers you to try a vbac in most cases. I'm stoked about that. 
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  • I didn't do anything, but I hope to vbac again, and my biggest goal is to lose a little weight.
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  • I didn't do anything when I vbaced. My daughter was breech. But, before I get pregnant again, I would like to lose some weight.
  • I just left a chiropractor and after talking to her and what she can do and how the body can just get real tight holding baby in weird positions, I would recommend to friends doing chiropractic throughout the pregnancy. Positioning was my dd's problem which required a c/s, so it's my #1 concern now. Of course yoga and a lot of walking is good too. I just wished I'd started it earlier.
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