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Hey Beth!  How are you feeling?  You are getting pretty close!

I was wondering if your brother did maternity photo shoots for anyone or just for family.  I really like the way yours turned out and I am considering getting these done down the road.  Do you have any other photos or does he have a website?  Also what would the price be?

 Sorry for so many questions!

 Oh and can we borrow your porch to do them!?!?! 

Re: BMF8140

  • Sure, come on over!!! Ha!

    I'm not sure if he would be "allowed" to do any others on his own. He actually works with Flashes (not the portrait studio, the local husband and wife team) as a side job. They were nice enough to let us use the studio for free, but my guess is because that's because we are family.

    Do you have Facebook? If so, look me up (bmw8140 at hotmail) and request me as a friend. From there, you can find Logan on my friends list and send him a message.

    If not, let me know and I'll get his phone number from Brian. I don't think he ever checks his regular email account.

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  • I requested you as a friend on Facebook. 

    I saw on your blog also that you had done some for somebody.  Do you think around February you would be interested in doing them? 

  • Honestly, I'd check with Logan first. I wouldn't want to make any promises since I will probably be super overwhelmed with Bennett. If things don't work out with Logan, we can definitely chat!

    (Plus I'm not really, really confident with my photography quite yet...Smile)

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