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xp: Sarah Elizabeth is here! (long)

Sarah Elizabeth is here! ?born 12/7 at 12:43pm - 8lbs 3oz - 21 inches long

Sarah really wanted to share momma's birthday! ?We had an induction scheduled for 5:30 yesterday morning, and I started ctx at 2am about 10min apart. ?We left for the hospital at the normal time and ctx were about 6min apart for 45min before we got there. ?I was 3-4cm when they checked me in!!!?

Since I was progressing so well, they decided to wait on Pit - especially since I didn't want the epi. ?My nurse was great! ?She really stood up for me with the doctor to make sure I was able to get through it med free. ?My doctor came in around 9am when I was 5cm and broke my water after I had finished my IV antibiotics to try and and make my ctx more regular. ? The ctx were def more intense after that. ?My nurse was wonderful and helped DH and I try several positions to make things more comfortable.

I think she knew I was starting to get to the end of my rope when I stayed at 7-8cm for awhile, so she had me do a bit of pushing and stretched my cervix a bit to try and get it over the baby's head. ?I was able to get to 9cm and she paged the doctor. She wanted to get me pushing soon and was worried because Sarah's heart rate was going down with the pushes.?

I found out that my doctor had 3 people in L&D that morning (scheduled inductions) and that priority was given to people without pain meds. ?Well, it turns out me and someone else were both ready to push and neither of us had pain meds! ?He came in, checked me and wanted me to try doing some pushes on my side to see if the baby's heart rate was better. ?It was still dipping, soo he though she may be face up. ?He wanted me to breath through a couple of ctx and then he left the room!!!

I was ready to start crying. ?After you have done some pushing, you REALLY do not someone to tell you to stop and that you are going to wait! ?I don't know what my nurse did - but she convinced the doctor that I needed to deliver first. ?They brought out forceps and said they may need to try and turn her face down if we couldn't get her out. ?My nurse bent down and whispered in my ear and told me there would be no forceps this morning - we were going to push out that baby! ?After pushing through 3 ctx, my husband told me later the doctor put the forceps away and got into position. ?Two contractions later (about 45 min total) she was out!!!

Turns out the reason her heart rate was dropping was she had a full knot in her cord that tightened as I pushed and caused her face to tilt sideways. ?She was fine as soon as they got her out and cut the cord! ?I had a 2nd degree tear that needed some stitches, but I felt great getting her out and knowing she was okay. ?Made it just in time for lunch - and the nurses brought me a little birthday cake!!!

I am a little sore today, but not too bad - I have only asked for motrin twice.

Here is right after they cleaned her up - I will try to get some cuter pics posted soon! ?This one really does not do her justice! ?She is beautiful!!!!


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