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Yeast Diaper rash and swimming ?

Has your LO ever had a yeast diaper rash/infection?  My LO had a rash that looked like just a diaper rash only on her front nothing on her butt but then it got really red and my husband took her to the drs yesterday while I was at work and turns out it's a yeast infection.  He forgot to ask if she could go in the pool.  I tried googling it but couldn't find anything about the rash and chlorine.  I would think it might irritate it but just thought I'd ask here and see if anyone has had any experience in this dept.  Thanks!!

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Re: Yeast Diaper rash and swimming ?

  • If you do go in the pool make sure you dont let her stay in the wet swim diaper, take it off immediately after she gets out and let her have some naked air time. Yeast likes to grow where its moist
  • I am dealing with this right now. The Dr. gace me some cream to put on my little guys tush till it clears up. Didn't even know little boys could get this on their butt!!! Like you totally thought it was just a bad diaper rash, but none of the rash creams were making it better. Now I know. Good to know about the swimming. Good luck!
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