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swing did what we couldnt

My hubby and I have been trying since 8 pm to get our daughter to sleep. She had been up since 6:30 and wouldnt allow herself to sleep though she was obviously tired.

We finally broke down and placed her in her swing... In less than a minute I swear she was asleep. I am afraid to move her to her crib. But on the same note want to go to bed myself and not on the couch.

I dont know who is more "addicted" to the swing her or us.

Re: swing did what we couldnt

  • there were so many nights where ds just would.not.effing.sleep.for.sh!t. in the swing he went and off to slumber land (i put the swing at the end of my bed so i didn't have to sleep on the couch)

    there's nothing wrong with her sleeping in the swing. a sleeping baby (no matter where she's sleeping) is better than a baby who won't sleep even though she needs to


  • Our daughter sleeps in her travel swing all night most nights. It swings for about an hour, then stops. By then, she's fast asleep!
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