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Terrible Confession...

I feel like Dh and I *deserve* a BFP & sticky baby so much more than anyone we know - I seriously feel angry & robbed when someone else gets their BFP or talks about their pregnancy/kiddos around me....I know it's not right to feel that way, but after THREE losses and 1 1/2 years of trying, and being at a stage in our lives where we could provide a very nice life for a little one, I just feel like it should be happening already!

Re: Terrible Confession...

  • I believe you deserve it too!
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  • Don't beat yourself up! I go through the same thing! A bunch of newly married (and i mean a month or 2 married) girls on my local board have all found out they were pregnant recently and i have had similar thoughts...I get SUPER angry that its not us
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  • It's not terrible because I'm pretty sure that every single girl on this board has had feelings like this.  If you're terrible then I'm definitely terrible too.  ((Big hugs))
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  • Oh, and what really boils my blood is when someone else on the board asks for ttc help and they give takes everything i have NOT to type, "You tried for 1 month and you are giving TTC advice?!? Give me a break" LOL...
  • Been there.
    7 mm/c
    APS, hetero factor v leiden & MTHFR
    bfp #1 - 12.11.07, edd 8.14.08, mm/c 1.21.08 (10w4d)
    bfp #2 - 4.4.08, edd 12.3.08, mm/c 5.14.08 (11w)
    bfp #3 - 8.3.08, edd 4.15.09, mm/c 9.17.08 (10w)
    bfp #4 - 1.15.09, edd 9.26.09, mm/c 2.16.09 (8w2d)
    bfp #5 - 6.16.09, edd 2.25.10, mm/c 7.23.09 (9w)
    bfp #6 - 8.12.10, edd 4.27.11, mm/c 9.16.10 (8w1d)
    one more try -> bfp #7 - 2.11, our miracle baby boy arrived 10.11
    ttc again -> bfp #8 - 5.3.13, edd 1.13.14, mm/c 5.30.13 (7w3d)
    bfp #9 - 9.23.13, our miracle baby girl arrived 5.29.14

  • That isn't terrible peach.  I totally think you deserve a sticky baby.
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  • Thanks gals :)  You're the best *hugs*
  • I think you deserve it too. I've been feeling this same way for awhile now. I hope it happens for you soon.
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  • Um, if that makes you terrible, then I am evil. I'm still miffed that my SIL who married DH's brother in April is due Feb 24, the day after I should have been with m/c #2. They weren't supposed to be "trying" for at least a year after they got married. Driving home from their wedding, I actually said, out loud, to DH, "God help her if she gets pg before me." And then she did...

    Believe me, peachy, I think we've all been there. And fwiw, I think you *deserve* a bfp too!

  • We're all terrible then!!! I feel the exact same way about everything from feeling like it's my turn, we could provide a nice life, we're ready, etc. etc.

    Hang in there peachy... we love you!!! I'm praying for BFP for all of us!!!

  • You absolutely deserve it!!!  We all do.

    I always feel bad because as much as I wouldn't wish the pain we have been through on anyone ... I get really upset when someone gets pg without going through a hard time.  It's like only someone who had a really hard time concieving, or who has suffered a loss deserves it.  I hate that I feel that way, but I can't help it!  I think it normal .... if not, at least we'll all go down together being horrible!

  • I feel this way often.  Both doctors I work with who were pregnant had their babies this  month.  I can't help but feel resentment since I should be giving birth soon as well.  It just pisses me off.  Like why can so many people have a child & we can't?  What is wrong with us??
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  • I agree that you deserve a BFP!
  • Hang in there Peach!

    Your baby is just around the corner -

    Sending baby dust your way..........................

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