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How big were YOU?

Just for a fun little Monday experiment, I'm wondering if there is any correlation between how big you were when you were born and how big your kid will be. 
FTM: Do you know how big you were? Is your babe measuring behind or ahead?
STM: How big were you? How big was your firstborn/other children?
Apparently I was a 6 pounds 7 ounces, but I was also 2 weeks early so if I had baked the entire time I probably would have been closer to average. I would love to give birth to a wee little 6 pounder though! LO's been measuring about average.
Also, also one of my friends and his siblings were all over 9 pounds. He is a tall, large guy and his wife just gave birth to a big baby as well.  

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Re: How big were YOU?

  • I was 8.5 lbs and DH was almost 10 lbs. DS was just shy of 8 lbs at 41 weeks!
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  • RedZeeRedZee
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    I was 2 weeks late and was about 5 pounds, maybe a little more. DD was a week late and was 7 pounds. So, no correlation here.

    I don't pay attention at all when they tell me how big they imagine the baby is. They can't really tell. When I was overdue with DD, an u/s tech told me she was 9 pounds and it freaked me out and made labor much more stressful.

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    DD1: born 1/19/11. DD2: born 10/10/13
  • MrsWPTMrsWPT
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    I was one week overdue and only weighed 6 lbs 10 oz. My DD weighed 6 lbs 6 oz, but she was three weeks early.
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  • I was 6lbs 3.5oz. My boyfriend was also only 6 and change. My daughter was 5lbs 11oz. Hopefully this baby boy won't be too big lol
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  • I was born exactly on my due date at just shy of 9lbs and 21.5 inches long.  H was a similar weight and length. We're both skinny but big people. 5'10 and 6'2".

    This kid was measuring 2 weeks ahead at the last u/s. I expect him to be a big kid based on our genes.

  • I was 7lbs 3 oz.., but I was 3 weeks early.... so I probably would have been in the 9lb range! At my anatomy scan little one was in the 86 percentile... so she was on the bigger side.  Am having an u/s in 2.5 weeks.  Will know more then!  I have been measuring right on track though... so giving birth to an average size baby will be fine with me!


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    IVF # 3 5/2012 BFP! 10 eggs retrieved (best ever)
    7 fertilized transferred 3
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    First u/s June 15 saw HB 126 bpm missed m/c 7/5/12 10 weeks D&C 7/6/12
    IVF#4 ER 9/30 ET 10/3 Beta 10/16 BFFN. IVF #5 final with o/e. ER 1/21 only 1 retrieved, hoping my lonestar is the one. Beta #1 2/6/13 = 209.... please let this be it! Keep growing lonestar! Beta #2 2/8/13 - 586! , Beta #3 2/10/13 = 1898. First u/s perfect little heart beat at 116 bpm. Measure 6 weeks 1 day. EDD 10/14/13
    3/4/13 measuring right on track beautiful heartbeat 171 bpm, graduated from RE to OB... bittersweet.
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome! Its a girl! 

    Maggie Grace is here!  10/5/13... 8lbs 6 ounces of pure joy!

    TTC#2  No birth control since DD was born.  Getting ready to jump back in the saddle.  Weaning this month. RE
    appt scheduled 5/8.   Here we go again!

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    11/13 beta #1  924!!!  2nd bet 11/15 1906, one more on 11/17 3rd & final beta 3430.  First u/s 12/5, 7w4d, 2 heartbeats,
    both measuring right on track....next u/s 12/19...

  • image RunningGal900:
    I was 8.5 lbs and DH was almost 10 lbs. DS was just shy of 8 lbs at 41 weeks!

    Wow, almost 10 pounds! Is he really tall? 

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  • FTM:  My Husband is 6'5 I am 5'2 :(  I was worried from the Get go about how big baby would be and my Dr. said it is less important how big my husband is and the weight of the baby has more to do with how big I was when I was born.  I asked my mom, I was about 7 or 8 lbs.  Also my Dr. Said (Obviously) how much you eat and gain while pregnant is another determining factor of baby's size.  My family was under the impression the more you ate while pregnant the healthier the baby.  I had a great aunt that weighted over 15 lbs at birth!

    We will see how big baby is, hasn't been measured yet.  Won't know until August 20th!

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  • FTM here. I was 8 lbs 9 oz and DH was over 10 lbs. I am worried about having a big baby, but I'm not sure how I'm measuring. My doctor measured me the first time last week and just said things were looking good. My brother was big and both of his kids were big like him so I'm hoping baby doesn't follow in DHs footsteps!

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  • STM: How big were you? How big was your firstborn/other children?  I was 7lbs1oz, DH was only 3lbs when he was born (premature).  OB kept telling me DS1 would be about 6.5lbs.  Nope, he was 7lbs12oz at 39 weeks.  I'm hoping DS2 is 8lbs.
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  • I was born at 30 weeks and was only 1 lb 8 oz so DD is definitely measuring ahead. My mom had 3 kids though and the biggest was 7 lbs. 

    DS weighed in and 7 lbs 3 oz. so definitely not huge. I had a c-section when I had him and the Dr. made the comment as he delivered what a huge baby. I was expecting massive but when they brought him around the curtain I just laughed, he wasn't that huge

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  • image RedZee:


    I don't pay attention at all when they tell me how big they imagine the baby is. They can't really tell. ....


    Yeah, ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate for estimating birth weight. 

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  • I was 7lbs5oz and my husband was 7lbs6oz...I'm hoping for a baby that is around that size.

    Other than being told at my AS how big the baby was...I have not been told anything since. I have another US at 28 weeks. 


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  • I was 9lbs 11oz
    My DS was 7lbs and 8oz I had him at 38 weeks he was 11 days early
  • I was under 6lbs, but I was born 6 weeks early. I have no idea about BF, but he's got a big head and that's enough to freak me out, lol.

    Baby girl measured in the 24th percentile at our A/S, which was done at 24 weeks. I'm hoping for a petite baby, but BF and I are both on the bigger side, so I'm not counting on it.
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  • I was right around 10lbs. I am 5'2. My mother was also small and pushed my siblings and I out naturally with little tearing if any.

    I have no clue on DH.

    My kids have been between 8lbs 3oz and 9lbs 2oz so far.
    DS1 - 6/07
    DS2 - 8/08
    DS3- 9/09
    DD1 - 11/11
    DD2 - 10/13
    DD3 - Csection Scheduled November 29th
  • I was 8 and a half pounds and he was just under 10 pounds and we were both two weeks early. So far baby is measuring average, so we shall see how she turns out!

  • I was 8lbs and 8oz the biggest of my mom's babies. The boys were 7+lbs. We were all c-section babies.

     DH was 9+lbs and he was delivered naturally. 

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  • I was almost 9 lbs

    Both of my babies were 7lb3oz. If I have a 3rd baby that is the same exact size as my first 2, I'll freak out. Lol 

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  • I was 8 lbs 6 oz and LO is measring right on target, not ahead and not behind.  DH is convinced this kid is going to be huge b/c in his last US his stomach middle section makes him look quite portly.  I keep trying to explain that it's just the angle of the pic, but he is convinced...smh.


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  • ohkayohkay
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    I was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. DD1 was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 19 and a half inches long. Her father was nearly 10 pounds when he was born but I don't know how long he was.
  • image BrittanyCupcakes:
    .... but he's got a big head and that's enough to freak me out, lol. ....


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  • I was around 6lbs 7 oz, DH was around 6lbs 5oz, and DD1 was 7lbs 11oz. I was born a little over a month early and DH's mom was a drug addict so we were both on the smaller end. I went to 42 weeks with DD.

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  • I was 2 weeks late and weighed 7lbs. 8 oz. 

    Hunter has been measuring a bit ahead the whole time, but not by much. I'm very curious as to how big he's going to be! 

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    DS born on 9/30/13 from IVF #1.2!
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  • I was 7lb6oz born at 39wks...

    DS was 9lb12oz born at 39 weeks...

    No correlation there lol
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  • I was 5lb 12oz and was 6 weeks early. Had I gone full term I might have been pretty big. My hubby was 7lb.

    Me (32) DH (33)
    Surprise BFP 2-7-2013


  • I was 7 lbs, 6 oz (apparently, this was the average for a girl the year I was born) and I was born on my due date. I think I was about 20 inches long.  My husband was adopted, and we have no idea how big or small he was. 

    DD1 was 7 lbs 3 oz, 20.5 inches long and born at exactly 39 weeks (so a week "early").  She was 97th percentile for height and 50th for weight. 

    DD2 was measuring at exactly 50th percentile at her a/s. 


  • I was 7lbs 4ounces, DS was exactly 7 pounds. My DH was 9 lbs when he was born. Glad my son took after me.
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  • AjoydAjoyd
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    DH and I were both just over 9 lbs. I am consistently measuring a week ahead. I am fully expecting a big baby and if he or she is smaller then that will just be a nice surprise :)

    Married my love 8-25-12 TTC #1 since September 2012. BFP 2-2-13. DS born 10-16-13.
  • I was a whopping 10lbs 2oz, my poor mother!! DH was 6 weeks early, weighed around 3.5lbs! I am hoping this LO falls in the middle!! A 6 pounder would be awesome haha!!
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