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Wow cranky!

My LO is usually pretty good at bedtime. She eats and is easy to settle and falls asleep. Tonight she has literally screamed her head off for an hour straight. Nothing makes her happy. I try to nurse her she screams harder. She dry, I've burped her, put her in the mamaroo, on the play mat. Nothing works. I gave her gripe water and nope still screaming. I feel so helpless to not be able to console her.


Re: Wow cranky!

  • I dealt with this for about the first month. She was only able to sleep if she was laying with me or my H because she would just scream and it would get louder to where our neighbors heard her. We tried the gripe water and we found that it was not doing anything so we did the mylicon drops and it worked much better. Another thing that I found worked was singing to her and holding her close to my chest. Idk if any of this could work for you but it's worth a try. Hopefully your night gets better, hang in there.
  • It's so tough when this happens. I just hold LO close and rock until he wears himself out. By then I'm ready to cry with him lol.

    Good luck!

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  • pnutgpnutg
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    I've had several days like what you describe. My sons now taking zantac for acid reflux but we are not sure that's the problem. I'll try anything at this point. Hopefully your LO's just having a bad day
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  • Are you swaddling her? We found that swaddling helps LO sleep alot better! We also watched happiest baby on the block and worked wonders!
  • It's called the witching hour, a lot of babies will experience something like this throughout their day. My ds has his usually around 8 pm. It stinks but, the only thing you can do is hold your baby tight. Unfortunately, they will CIO. My pediatrician said it could be a number of things, but usually it's from being overstimulated. Who knows!!!
  • HZ2012HZ2012
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    It's the worst, hang in there. Something that usually works for my LO is holding him tight with his head at my chest and bouncing.

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