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TMI - I gotta go poo

So since LO's been here (just over 8 weeks) I've been doing great. I had an episiotomy, but it's never bothered me because everything was fine. All of a sudden, my innards have stopped and that area is super sore, even though it's healed. I'm straining and pretty sure I'm going to have to get out the prep-h again.

Every day I eat a fiber one bar, have a huge cup of coffee, slightly less water than when I was pregnant, and I've been taking 2 colace at night. I've been doing great with eating well and usually have salad for lunch. I'm trying everything i can think of that would help me go #2, but rabbit turds are all I can get out. I'm super gassy too... feeling like I should be on gentlease with LO!

WHAT'S THE DEAL?? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Re: TMI - I gotta go poo

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