AWW: Made it a year!

LO turns 1 today. I've been BF'ing when I'm around and pumping during the day since I returned to work at 8 weeks PP. I've been slowly pumping less and intend to stop pumping this week.

I think I was one of those lucky people who just didn't have it too hard with BF'ing. I was only sore for the first week until I figured out what a good latch felt like and broke all the bad latches. I've never had an undersupply issue, and my body responded to the pump well enough. I've loved nursing, I have a love-hate relationship with pumping. Stick out tongue

It feels weird to stop. I intend to still nurse first thing in the morning and before bed for a little while longer, but LO will be dayweaned to WCM in sippies by the end of the week.

I feel selfish because I still have a good supply, but I'm doing this for me because I really need to stop pumping during the day. I've done it for 10 months now, and I'm done. Plus I want to be able to go out on weekend days and not have to pump while I'm out. 

Re: AWW: Made it a year!

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