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How far away is your hospital? & opinion needed!

My in-laws are very disappointed that my DH & I decided to go to a smaller hospital 40 minutes away from our home. This hospital is in my hometown, with, in my opinion, the best OB (& the only OB I was comfortable with). It has caused some drama, which I haven't let bother me. But, with that being said, it's still on my mind.

My question: Is 40 minutes away from the hospital unreasonable? I'm a FTM & just need some reassurance! My family lives 2 blocks from the hospital & my DH & I plan on staying at their house 1 week before my due date (unless I go into labor early, we have to make the drive).

Edit: One more thing- we have a Children's hospital 10 minutes away & MIL thinks it's absurd that we would go somewhere else. I just want a more relaxed environment than a huge, impersonal hospital.


Re: How far away is your hospital? & opinion needed!

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