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Flavoring Elecare?

My little guy is trying an elimination diet and is on unflavored elecare Jr. I know they make a vanilla but I was given these and need to make them work for now.

Recipes to flavor it so it isn't so bad? I am giving him it in a bottle and I currently have to thicken everything with baby cereal.

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Re: Flavoring Elecare?

  • I replied to another previous post that my doc told me I can put a little bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup in the samples of Elecare or Neocate that I was given. I have not tried it yet since I haven't had to give DS the formula yet. I am hoping I won't really have to but doubt it since he is EBF...



  • Does he tolerate it plain? My son is on Neocate and I tried to change it a little bc it is GROSS! But, he seems to like it plain unflavored so, I leave it. I figured as long as he likes it, its ok.

    But, I have tried, Hershey chocolate syrup, Hershey strawberry syrup, a mint chocolate syrup from Whole Foods and even a little juice or Neocate make flavoring packets too. My son preferred the plain unfavored.  Go figure! LOL

  • I forgot, if you call Neocate and ask for a sample of the flavoring packet they will send it.
  • we tried mixing Ryry's with flavored pedyalite but he still refused it...the vanilla is the only thing that he will take:(  good luck!


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