Make your own Baby food?!?!? I'm trying it....

I have never considered making my own baby food, but after talking with a fellow mom who does I instantly felt bad.  Why haven't I thought of this before.  I fel like I cheated my first son.  So I am going to try making some foods (he will still get jar baby food too).  Why do I feel so bad??
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Re: Make your own Baby food?!?!? I'm trying it....

  • Don't feel bad.  I made my own with LO1.  This kid will probably get store bought.  I just don't have the energy!

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  • We do a combo of homemade and store-bought. I like giving items not typically found in jarred babyfood, such as coconut, parsnips, turnips, avocado. And it's cheaper to make your own. Or for apples I just buy a big jar of applesauce, cheaper than baby-food apples and it's the same thing.

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  • As long as your feeding your baby you shouldn't feel bad.
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  • This is a good site

    Ironically, I made all of DD's babyfood when she was little, but now buy jars of pur?e. It's for her oatmeal, which she wants to eat everyday, and I add it for flavor (& bonus that it adds to her fruit intake)

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  • dont feel bad! i make my own and enjoy it for the most part, but sometimes its hard to find the time to make it. i like trying new combinations, i just discovered that DD LOVES blueberries and squash together, and spinach and apples. I like that all her food is fresh with little/no additives. I try to make a few batches on Sundays to last us through the week.
  • Don't feel bad!! I made all my first sons baby food but it was SO much work with working full time so now that I have 2 LOs, I will probably make some of DS2 and also use jarred food. I just figure, my mom have me formula AND jarred food and I came out fine. A loving, caring mother is the most important thing and it seems like you've got that down pat! :

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  • Don't feel bad at all!  When I was a nanny, the mother and I made the LO's food.  We'd make batches, freeze them in ice cube trays, pop them into ziplocks and they'd last for a couple of weeks!  Super easy.  Take an hour... have your SO watch the LO and experiment... It was actually a lot of fun to try different combinations.  Although, I found that making our own meat babyfood was horrible.  I'll be getting that from the store for my LO when she's ready Wink
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