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Leaving my lil man over night...venting...

So I just found out that I'm being discharged from the hospital today-everythings ok...not much pain or anything, which is a good thing and all but now I'm really upset...after everything sounding like we were both going home and everything was ok- like all Kyles tests seemed to be alright and all, then the dr comes in and says they are still a lil concerned with his bilirubin ( not sure if thats how to spell it or not) so they want to keep him another night!!! I'm not stupid I know if its whats best for him that he needs to be here and be taken care of but im really upset...I dont want to leave him!!! And yes, I could stay here with him for the night but I also have my other 2 boys at home that i havent hardly seen in the past few days...So now im torn as to what to do....what it looks like is im gonna nurse Kyle before i leave- go home spend some time with my other 2...and come back tonight. The nurses will be able to supplement formula or whatever i can pump and leave for them while im gone....sorry im hormonal and really upset about leaving him at all!!! 
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Re: Leaving my lil man over night...venting...

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