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Irish Twins Anyone?

Yeah........count me in I guess. I won't know the due date "officially" until I have a dating u/s next week, but considering I hadn't had a period yet and baby isn't sleeping through the night and we do NFP so we were being VERY cautious until I got my first period, I can narrow it down to the only day I know we could have conceived, lol. I was using a form of NFP that uses a fertility monitor and I did have a high (but not peak) reading that day, but we decided to do it anyway because I finally wanted to (NO sex drive when still breastfeeding) and I had been having lots of high readings and no peak with no real pattern which I figured was because things hadn't regulated with my cycles yet. I guess we just had perfect timing.....eek.

NOT at all what I was expecting, but I figure that God had different plans for us and seriously, what are the chances? Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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Re: Irish Twins Anyone?

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