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I haven't been taking my prenatal vitamins!

Somebody please tell me that my baby will be okay. I've had such bad m/s (hyperemesis) and it seems like only now am I able to keep down my food (thank you, Zofran!). There was a 2-week period in there where I was probably intaking minimal nutrients and no vitamins. I'd be lucky if I could have a bowl of cereal and a popsicle!

Anyways, feeling much better now and I'm back to the vitamins... but super worried that during these critical weeks of development, I neglected to give my baby the nutrients he/she needs Sad

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Re: I haven't been taking my prenatal vitamins!

  • You're fine! With DS I didn't realize I was pregnant for a couple months - I ate horribly, no vitamins, etc. He turned out perfectly healthy and has remained wonderful for the past (almost) nine years. 

    Your body finds what it needs. Now that you're back "on the wagon" you have even less cause for alarm. :) 

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  • Prenatals make me sick.  I didn't take them when I was pregnant with DS and I started out taking them this time, but I just can't now.  I take folic acid since it's a tiny pill that I don't have a problem taking and a Flinstone.  My doc said it's a great option for me.  Target also makes Prenatal Gummies.  You could try those as well.
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  • I understand why you are freaking out, but just remember that there are a lot of times when women don't even know they are pregnant this far along and are obviously not taking prenatal vitamins. In the days before HPTs, people didn't find out for even longer, and we all turned out OK Smile

    Side note - an acquaintance of mine didn't know she was pregnant until she was almost 16 weeks. She missed her entire first trimester! She also smoked until she found out and she was a nervous wreck trying to think back about everything she had done that could be bad for the baby. She has a healthy, beautiful, insanely intelligent 3 year old girl now. 

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  • Thanks so much for the replies, ladies. I feel much better. I've been really trying not to be paranoid or overreact to things... and I know the baby is just fine, I just needed to hear it from someone else!

    Thanks for the prenatal gummie rec. I'll look into those!

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  • Ditto PP, it's totally fine. I had awful m/s with DD and couldn't keep anything, least of all those huge freaking horse pills they call prenatal vitamins down for well into the second trimester and she's perfectly healthy.

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  • image Piper2009:

    Thanks so much for the replies, ladies. I feel much better. I've been really trying not to be paranoid or overreact to things... and I know the baby is just fine, I just needed to hear it from someone else!

    Thanks for the prenatal gummie rec. I'll look into those!

    The only thing that I reccommend about the gummies is that they do not all contain DHA and iron, so make sure to check for those! I feel like the iron is what makes me sick, so I've been considering switching to something without. GL!

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  • The baby is getting all the nutrients it needs first, the vitamins help you w/ your nutrients. 
    Glad you are feeling better now. =-)
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  • You could always try taking them at night, right before bed....see if that works!   Mine always make me feel queasy, so I started taking them at bedtime, and havent had a problem since.  Glad you are doing better.  Ditto PP's on the gummies, though--they don't contain enough iron.
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  • My mom was sick as a dog when she had me in the early 80's- she lost a ton of weight and says she doesn't know how I got any nutrients at all.  I came out a healthy 8lbs, 21 inches, a week late.  I have never broken a bone, I rarely get sick, and I had no problems in school.  I'm sure your baby is managing to take whatever it needs.

  • You will be fine. I had 3 weeks were m/s was so bad I couldn't take my vitamins. I told my doctor and she said "that's ok, just start taking them again as soon as you think you can hold them down." I'm still only managing to take them once every other day or so.


  • My doctor told me to wait to until I go in today to worry about the vitamins. I am just taking my normal women's daily vitamin. I was worried but I guess if that is that the Doc says then that is what I will do. I havent been sick at all and hoping that the vitamins dont make me sick!! I am so worried about that.
  • no use worrying about the past. just try your best to eat healthy and take your vitamins from this point on. 

    good luck! 

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