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Anyone get pregnant in a apartment situation?

Hi. I'm about four weeks along and we live in a one bedroom apartment (for now). Do you think we're crazy for being pregnant? I'm just so used to my SIL and setting up her house and nursery and I feel like it's expected that we should have the same thing. I don't know maybe I'm just ranting.... :)

Re: Anyone get pregnant in a apartment situation?

  • My DH and I live in an apartment and don't think it will be a problem. We do have three bedrooms though so it might get extremely cramped with only one bedroom. Don't stress too much about it as we all to have live with in our means and just because you don't have some awesome space to decorate a nursery doesn't mean your baby won't have everything he/she needs. Its is recommended that baby sleep in the same room as parents for the first several months. We got a Fisher-Price rock-n-play to have the baby use in our room for the first little while until we move him to his room/crib. Then because it folds flat and is really light we use it when we go to Grandparents house. If you are able to get a bigger place before baby or soon after but are still renting there are plenty of ways to decorate without spending a lot or using something permanent like paint. We used decals and hang a few pictures. Do what works for you and your family.  I hope this makes you feel better.
  • Our LO is 2 weeks old and we have a 1 bdrm.  We actually closed off our dining room area w/ 2 temporary pressurized walls so DS now has his own room.  We don't have a lot of living space but it works for us for now and know someday we'll have a larger place.  You don't need much in the beginning.....I almost feel bad for DS when he's awake because he looks bored but that's what newborns do.


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  • I don't think you are crazy at all. Just because you don't have the house of your dreams doesn't mean you shouldn't have a baby.

     My baby girl is going to share a room with my ds who is 4. I get comments constantly about how we need a bigger house. Yes it's going to be tight and we will have to make some changes. But I'm not going to live outside of my means for an extra bedroom.

  • DS was in our room until 4 or 5 months, so a second bedroom was not necessary. We also loved the Fisher Price RNP. I do not think you are crazy at all. Good luck and congrats!

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  • Me and DH currently live in a larger 1 bedroom apt.  We will have LO's crib in our room and while things will be tight we are just making the best of the situation.  We planned on getting pregnant and have just been saving up for when we move into a house.  I do not think you are crazy-- Things will work :)
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  • Thanks ladies, I really appreciate the kind words. It's good to know there are other people out there in our situation. It's sometimes difficult to hang out with my SIL and her best friend because they are both pregnant, the best friend is due very soon, and they always talk about their nursery and all this stuff they are getting ready for their babies. Of course I would love to decorate a nursery too, but sometimes we get the hand we're dealt and I just feel so blessed we were able to concieve again after our loss earlier this year.

     Anyway, thanks for letting me rant. You ladies are the best!!

  • DS is 4 months old and we live in a 1br apartment.  We have no intention of moving any time soon.  We have his crib in our bedroom and the situation works well for us.

    We have a one-thing-in one-thing-out policy so that we don't have an overloaded living space.

    If you are hesitant, stay where you are until the space no longer suits your needs.  That's our plan anyway.  We currently estimate that we'll move when DS is about a year and a half and we are hoping to be expecting a second child. 

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  • I currently live in a 1bdrm and DH and I are not planning to move for at least another yr to save up for a house. You're not crazy, these things happen and not everyone gets to plan it out the way they want or how it "should" be. The key to making your situation work is to be ORGANIZED. Take a good look at your living space, see what can be moved around, downsized, ect. Look at your closet space as well. Shelving and mulitpurpose items are a godsend for this very reason. There are so many options out there to make it work, just do your reasearch. And although having even a second bdrm would be great, keep in mind that there are plenty of people who don't have a choice to move, have less, and stil make it work. Hope this helps!
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  • This is going to sound harsher than I mean it to--

    Of course many people have gotten pregnant in an apartment. Many people have raised families in one bedroom apartments.  You are above the median in America if you are thinking about it. And, you are in the top 10% of the world.  Babies don't need much--you'll be fine.


  • You can check out for some small space/apartment nursery ideas.  Of course it's possible and you're not crazy.  : )  
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  • We are also in a medium one bedroom and we don't plan on moving until we feel like we HAVE to/can really afford it.

    We are still decorating our bedroom a little differently to feel like we are still making some special changes for baby.  It is going from a stark black/white color scheme to painting the walls yellow, adding some grays and then pink or blue, depending on gender.  We won't feel like we are living in a nursery, but it also feels like we are doing some baby decorating  :)  I also got lots of ideas from OhDeeDoh on Apartment Therapy.

    I agree completely with just making sure you are very organized!   We are being very careful about not getting too many baby products [no walker, bouncer or big baby tub] and choosing compact/portable versions of items for our registry.  I think it takes a little bit more planning but its completely workable. 

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  • S/O and I were living a 1-bedroom apartment when I got pregnant. I decided it would be too hard on my sanity to share a bedroom with the baby, and we were able to transfer to a 2-bedroom within the same management company. The new apartment is in a less expensive part of the city, so we aren't paying that much more in rent. But, it's still an apartment. I worry about the toddler in the apartment above us running around and waking the baby up. It's not the best neighborhood, school-wise, but we've got some time to save up and find a new place near a better school. 
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  • We lived in a one bedroom condo until DD was about 18 months old.  It was tight, but we made it work.  DD slept in our room.  It did get a little harder as she got older, was walking, etc.  But I think it's totally doable with an infant. 

    When I was in labor, my L&D nurse actually told me they lived in a one bedroom with their 1.5 yr old and they were just starting to think about moving to something bigger at that point.  That made me feel better.

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  • We were in a 1 bd when we conceived and I definitely don't think its crazy. We moved but we wanted more space for a lot of reasons and my old apartment wasn't a great deal - long commute to the city & kinda overpriced for the amount of space we got.

    Anyway, a lot of families keep baby in the same room as mom for the first few months of life and your LO won't suffer or even notice that s/he doesn't have its own room. We're setting up a nursery right now but we're going to keep baby in our room for the first 5 or 6 months. Even if you want to move LO into the living room after that, it's not crazy. This is how many families live. Do what works for your family - in terms of privacy, finances, and parenting style, etc. If you can only afford a 1 bd for now, stick with it. As some one taking leave without pay, I think waiting a bit to move is totally reasonable.

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  • I know this post is a month old, but the question and your responses are really helping me out a lot. We live in a 2 bedroom apt. and can't get a decent mortgage due to some of DH's financial issues. We planned to get pregnant in 2011 and buy a home sometime in 2013, when certain issues would be taken off credit reports and other things would be paid off. Then my teenage stepson, whose mother has always told DH he would never ever get custody (difficult enough getting visitation), was kicked out and "forced" to live with us in November. DH now has full custody (though they are STILL taking out child support!) and I have lost my nursery. Not thrilled with my LO (a girl) having to share a room with a 14-year-old boy whom I do not fully trust at this point.

    I am looking to possibly rent a larger home, but DH is against this, so I am backed into a corner with a troubled teenager while 28 weeks pregnant in 800 square feet of living space. I don't know if it's hormones, but I am so depressed about this whole thing! Thanks for making me feel better, though. Now I know I am not the only one in this situation. :) 

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