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Lets talk off boards

Lately I totally understand why Memo was a good idea. If I had more time then I would seriously think about trying to start another one. Reasons why:

1) AEs could be ousted easily.

2) Crazy people could be IP tracked and banned. For good.

3) No friggin pop up ads. FU Aruba.

4) Probably not slow as molasses as TB can be.

What are your thoughts? I am talking a big off board where everyone (except legit BSCies) is welcome - lurkers, semi-loonies - anyone. It would just be nice to have some freaking control.

I am really unhappy with some of the stuff that these AEs have been doing. Porn - whatever. Annoying but isn't going to affect my sleep at night. The AE "calling out" Ms.Hooper is terrible and makes me sick.

I just feel like things are somewhat out of control here.


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