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Poll: Who is deciding to do an epidural??

I am a big baby sadly.  I really really really hate pain.  So I was planning on getting one if I can, but I was watching "the real housewives of New Jersey" yesterday and they showed Teresa getting one and it looked so painful she was in tears. 


I just wanted your guys thoughts!



Re: Poll: Who is deciding to do an epidural??

  • Give me drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.




    Even the upper crust can make a typeos.
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    Give me drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.





    Unable to even.  


    You don't understand the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch / think he's fug / don't know who he is? WATCH SHERLOCK.  Until you do, your negative opinion of him will not be taken seriously.

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    Give me drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.


    I am thinking this! Although, I have been on the fence a little about it over the last month or so. BUT I am pretty sure I will go w/ the answer listed above! Nothing wrong w/ that!

  • I'm not planning on getting one, but I'm also not going to beat myself up if I have to. I've never been in labour before so I don't know what to expect :D but I'm looking into hypnobirthing and plan on taking classes. So hopefully I won't need it.
  • Oh yeah. Drugs for me. A spinal puncture can't be any more painful than unmedicated labor. That I'm pretty confident of.
  • definatly drugs... as many as i can take. :)

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  • Taking a hypnobirthing course instead. We'll see how it goes.
  • I was on the fence the first time around, but when I started having contractions, I quickly knew the epidural was for me :) I was so pleased with the epidural that when DD was born, the first thing I thought (after thinking how beautiful and perfect she was) was that I needed to write the epidural inventor a thank you note.

    Will definitely be going the epidural route this time, too!

  • I have the unfortunate, or fortunate depending on how you look at it, experience of feeling 10 out of 10 pain.  I broke my back a few years ago.  If I don't have to feel that level of pain again, I won't.  I plan on getting an epidural.
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  • The epidural itself was not painful. Teresa is somewhat dramatic, if you've been watching the show. : )

  • I did without, the first time, but I had all intentions of having one.  My timing just wasn't right. So, if I can go again without this time, I will try but I am not totally ruling out the need for it.
  • I had the epi last time and will have it again.  It is not bad at all - Theresa was being way too dramatic.

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  • Yup, most definitely will be having one of those.
  • I'm going to try to tough it out. Both SILs didn't have one so the pressure is on!! Just kidding...that's not the reason. I would like to do it naturally if at all possible. We'll see what happens!
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  • I want drugs!  I figure the pain of an epidural is temporary but the alternative would be more painful!
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    Oh yeah. Drugs for me. A spinal puncture can't be any more painful than unmedicated labor. That I'm pretty confident of.

    This!!  All I have to do is arch my back.  I don't have to see the numbing shot, or the actual needle going in.


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  • I attempted to go epi-free for my DD's birth, but after they broke my water and gave me pitocin I begged for the epi. I didn't even feel it. The only annoying part was sitting up for 2 contractions. Didn't feel the needle at all, and I hate getting IVs and shots so I know the fear of needles. 

    Unfortunately, my epidural didn't work. It was the worst misery I could imagine and I still only remember bits and pieces of my L&D. That being said, I will absolutely get the epi this time around and I will pray it works. Just in case it doesn't, I'll be researching some natural labor techniques. 

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  • I can't decide if I want one. Luckily, I still have quite a bit of time on my hands. I'd like to think I could handle it, because being completely numb kinda freaks me out for some reason. I've been told by so many people though who didn't have an epi, that they wish they had given in.
  • The pain from the epidural itself was minimal, basically like a beesting for the numbing shot and then it just weird going in. The pain from the contractions so far overpowered that, it was a very easy decision for me.


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  • I absolutely want one- I am terrified of needles but I figure by the time it comes to get an epi, I'll be in so much pain I won't care.
  • My Ob asked me yesterday and i said i guess. Her response was," no your supposed to say hell yes, give me 2". Humor aside, i am definately going to get one.
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  • Me, me!

    I was terrified of getting an epidural with DD. I was planning on not. Until I had Pitocin, and they gave me Stadol (which helped) and then informed me that they couldn't give me Stadol after 8cm. So basically they were going to ease my pain until the end and then take it all away! Um, no! So I opted for the epidural. I LOVED it. My labor was calm and smooth sailing from that point on.

    I plan to wait until I feel it's necessary, and then call for the anesthesiologist! 

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  • I live in NJ, in the stomping ground of those despicable women on the Real Housewives.  I swear to god, if the one with the white SUV parks in the fire zone again in front of my local Starbucks on Sunday morning and holds up the line by holding court (does she not notice the rest of us rolling our eyes?!), I might have to lose my cool detachment and perhaps spill something hot in her direction. 

    Bottom line, if you're taking any sort of life lesson from these horrendous people or the extremely scripted "reality show" they're on, you should really get a reality check.  Really. 

    There are tons of real moms here who went through an epi without getting paid to ham it up on camera.  Ask them, and feel safe knowing you're getting the whole story from real people.

    I think I'll probably end up asking for one, but I'm not planning to ask until I feel that I need it. I'd be proud of myself if I made it all the way without one, but I'm not set on doing it without either.

  • Sign me up!


    Whenever someone asks me I immediately think of the scene from Baby Mama: 

    Instructor: "Now who is having an all natural birth?"
    (everyone raises their hands)
    Instructor: "And how many of you are planning on using toxic western medications to drug your baby for your own selfish comfort?"
    (raises both hands up while bouncing on the ball)

  • I'd like to labor as long as possible without one, but that probably won't last very long.  I'm a wuss. 
  • I absolutely do not want one. Doesn't mean I won't get one, but with my history of reactions to anesthesia and many medications, an untested (on me!) Medication and method of delivery scares me more then birth.
  • Yeppers, the biggest epidural they've got!
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