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DD's old clothes

So I was blessed with a large family with deep wallets and an obsession with baby clothes.  I have given bags upon bags of clothes away to Goodwill and a local organization that gives free baby items to needy families.  I have boxes stored of the clothes DD has outgrown that are gender neutral that I want to keep for the next baby.  I also have a small collection of some pink items that either have a unique characteristic or pleasing pattern, but that are too old/worn or flat out girly for me to really want to save.  I want to make a keepsake for DD with them, but I'm having trouble deciding.

I'm torn between making a little shag rug for her room or a small keepsake quilt.  I suppose I could keep saving and make a larger quilt of her first year's clothes, as well.  I've never actually made either of these things, but I'm pretty crafty and I'm pretty sure I can do either.

So decide for me, bump.  Shag rug or quilt?   

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Re: DD's old clothes

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