1st Trimester

was it planned?

today i told one of the managers i work with that i'm knocked up. i didn't really want to this early, but given the nature of my work, i had to let him know why i was on "light duty" and what that would entail.

his response was congratulations, that's wonderful, etc etc... followed by "was it planned?"

well, no actually, it wasn't. hubs and i wanted to wait a year before even trying and i was completely shocked when i got a BFP. of course, that doesn't in any way imply that it was an UNWANTED pregnancy... i was shocked, yes, but thrilled also. i am all in.

but it's not like i'm gonna tell HIM that. i don't even know how to respond when someone asks. i really liked everyone's posts yesterday about responding to "i didn't even know you were trying!" so... suggestions?

and also, since this is a pregnancy board and we share info like morning sickness and sore boobs... was your pregnancy planned?

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Re: was it planned?

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