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I am a 36 year old and struggling from Bipolar, depression and anxiety. I was a successful businessman until the collapse and the business was my life altogether as I believed clients were friends and staff were family. As the business went so did the family and friends. Survival was pretty hard for a couple of years but with the help of medication, I am a lot more settled now.
I feel lonely and blames myself all the time for not drawing the line between personal and business life.
I somehow manages 2 birthdays for my daughter and 19/12 we cut a cake between us as a family but no other kids were there except my 3.5 years old daughter. It shatters me not knowing how to do better of kids or what I am doing is good enough. The one family we have who are friends are the only kids my daughter gets exposure with. I send her to childcare 4 days so she can socialise with kids.
Wife doesn’t have any advise from anyone. We have a good home, everything is comfortable but there is a massive chunk missing out of our lives”friends”. If they have kids even better. It tough walking alone and it was scary at times but then it got easier and easier. I don’t care for myself but I want to provide well for my family which I believe is deprived of a social network. Being so isolated is not easy at all and I can’t bear this burden and it’s killing me inside. Please any suggestions would be welcomed.
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