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HELP! Any ideas welcome.

Alright, I want to say first of all that I have gastroparesis- a delayed emptying of the stomach. The past few days I’ve been having extreme nausea (4 days), the only thing that helps is if I eat food or drink something with sugar in it- basically every single hour of the day. I’m fatigued. I’m having small headaches. Frequent urination. My boobs are sore. However, my period is supposed to start today or tomorrow. I just feel off- even dizzy spells. The one thing that is so weird for me, is that vomiting has always been a HUGE fear. In the past when I would get sick, I’d stay home. Now I feel like I could puke (unless I have food), and I’m like “hey let’s go play disc golf!”, “hey let’s go to Walmart!”, “oh let’s go walk around the mall”… VERY uncharacteristic of me. I literally said today while walking my dog (to my dog), “oh, I feel like I have to vomit. But that’s okay. If I do I’ll just puke and keep walking”…. It’s so unnatural for me lol. I have severe panic and anxiety disorder. And I’m shrugging my shoulders at this new nausea. Even my mom is wondering what in the world is happening to me 🤣 I am married, not on birth control, and of course- having sex. I don’t know what to think… does any of this resonate with you all during early pregnancy? Maybe my period will start in the morning. I really don’t know. This nausea is just the weirdest thing.
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