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22, pregnant and alone. Need advice

Im 22 years old, and have been seeing this guy for over a year. He ended up sleeping with a coworker and I ended up being pregnant.  I managed to get pregnant despite having and IUD in place, I am roughly around 10 weeks and I just found out. I had initially took the pill to abort but found out it did not take. Im also too high risk to go through a full abortion. The "dad" knows but I havent really heard or seen much of him since I told him. I am considering adoption but am also very adamant that i do not want to put the baby into foster care. He says hes not ready, as he lost his job and really doesnt have his life together. I still havent finished school or think I am ready to be a parent. Im confused and have no idea what to do. This pregnancy has been hard so far and no one except him knows.  Ive never felt more alone in ny life and Im scared im just going to make a wrong decision. 
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