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cheaper alternative to Stirde Rite, Robeez etc?

Does anyone know a brand of toddler shoes that is comparable to but less expensive than Stride Rite, Robeez and Pediped? I love those brands, but spending $35-$50 on shoes he outgrows so quickly is just a bit too much for me. Thanks!


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Re: cheaper alternative to Stirde Rite, Robeez etc?

  • Target sells knockoff Robeez and I personally think some of the styles are really cute.  We have the sports shoes and I love them.  They've worn just as well as our "real" robeez.
  • I was checking out the Payless website last night and they actually have a few cute styles. Some were horrendous, but some seemed pretty decent. Also the Stride Rite near me has a Clearance sale going on right now - I just got my DS a pair today for under $30. Hope that helps!

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  • Ditto on the Target Ministar ones. DD wore those for a while and they were pretty much exactly like Robeez.

    A friend of mine likes the Circo (Target) Pediped like ones and says those stay on very well.

    Also, check Marshal's and TJ Maxx for cute brand name shoes for a lot less.. I hear TJ Maxx has a lot, I just haven't checked. DD also has a pair of Pumas that we got on clearance at Nordstrom for about $14. They're very cute and stay on well and are soft soled like the others you mentioned.

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  • Ar eyou near any StrideRite outlets?  We have to around here (in MA and ME) and we can get great deals!  Same shoes at the regular stores, but for almost half off. 


  • I heard there was a brand of shoes that Striderite makes and it goes directly to Target.  I got Target Robeez knockoffs for my youngest and they worked nicely. 

    On a side note, last year around Valentine's Day one of my kiddies broke their foot and when the splint came off (cast was on first, then splint) we were to take his sneakers.  The orthepedist said that the Striderites weren't very well constructed.  I stopped buying them after that.

  • We got DS a pair of little boots with a flexible sole from Payless. I'd love to get him a pair of pedipeds but he needs something that ties because he'll rip the velcro right off of shoes. So it was either these or spring for the expensive Stride Rites. We have an outlet by us and I was just waiting for DS to start walking before getting him his first Stride Rite pair.
  • ditto Target

    sometimes Kohls has infant/toddler shoes at really good prices

    watch for sales on striderite, pedipeds, see kai run, etc.  


    I only go into striderite to get their feet sized... or used to, the children's place has an easy measurement tool.  

  • When I bought my girls' Robeez, they were on sale at Amazon for $9. Just watch for sales!
  • We have several of the Target Ministar shoes (Robeez knockoffs) and like them a lot. They seem to wear exactly like our Robeez except that the sizes run much larger in the Ministar so you might want to go in-store to look at them or try them on. I've also found some good deals on all of the brands you mentioned on ebay. And I haven't ordered from this website but I did bookmark it and like some of the styles:


  • My peds told me that I could buy shoes at Payless. They don't need to be Stride Rite.

    Do you have a Marshall's near you? That's where I find TONS of Stride Rite shoes for my kids for around $20 a pair.?

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  • BRU and Target both sell knockoff Robeez for about $13 a pair. They are super cute. I like the BRU ones (koalababy) a little better, but both are great.
  • Ditto the Ministar and Koala Baby for Robeez knockoffs.  We have both and like them alot.  I like the Koala Baby better, but our BRU doesn't carry many.

    Target also carries Pediped knockoffs, but they don't fit DS well.

    Someone on here told me the other day Payless carries Stride Rite knockoffs, I think they were called Tiny Toes or something like that.  She used to work there and said they were made by the same company.  I'm going to check them out.


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  • My sitter's mom bought DD some shoes from Sears that were suprisingly cute and well made. They were 12-15 bucks.
  • Check Ebay.  We got DS a brand new pair of Stride Rite shoes for under $30.  Unfortunately for us, DS has such a wide foot that we've been unable to find any other brand that fit him correctly.  :(
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