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GTKY: What's your occupation

I know it's Friday, but let's end the week with a GTKY. So what do you do? Bonus points if you can describe it in a gif.


Re: GTKY: What's your occupation

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  • @novamama2023 as an adult who just got diagnosed with adhd - TELL ME EVERYTHING.
  • cheznetcheznet member
    I'm a 4th and 5th grade (combined) teacher. And I have a co-teacher who is just getting back from mat leave, so this year should be fun. Sorry, I can't put a gif 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • @heytallmama I'm happy to discuss. Basically, I help people figure out how ADHD is getting in their way and problem solve around their issues. It's super fulfilling and as a fellow ADHDer I love that I can help those who have a neurodivergent experience. 🤗

    Feel free to send me a pm so we don't clog up this chat with any questions you have. 
  • I'm a nurse in cardiac rehab and absolutely love it.
    July 4th
  • muggsd said:

    I am currently a SAHM with a part-time bookkeeping job, but before that I worked in budgeting & resource allocation for a University. I was a Math graduate and I miss using that part of my brain!
    I work in budget and resource allocation software for k12! Happy to geek out on ed finance anytime 😄
  • Hi! I’m a stay at home mom and have an online store on EBay that I sell things on super part time. Been slacking lately from the extreme nausea and tiredness LOL. Before staying home I was a supervisor at a bank. 😊
  • For the moms that went from working to SAH, how did you do it? Pros/cons?
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @heytallmama no way! We did everything in excel & SQL - no out-of-the-box software for us. We had juuuuust started talking about exploring what was out there when I left 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @burr1371 my husband and I regularly say “you done fucked up, A-a-Ron.”
  • @gravcass I chose to stay home last year. I was a supervisor at a bank and my husband and I could afford to live off his salary so we cut back on spending and we live below our means now. As for work, I gave them a month notice so they could hire someone to replace me so the transition would be smoother. Honestly BEST DECISION I ever made. I didn’t want to miss out on my son’s early years so that’s why we made the decision. I was starting to get really upset picking him up from the baby sitter and felt like I was missing out. If you’re able to swing it financially, I highly recommend. You can always go back to work when your children start school. Also factor in that you won’t have daycare cost anymore so you’re saving a boatload of money right there.
  • sophirolrsophirolr member
    edited August 25
    I am a mother of two children. This could be enough, but I am still working and trying to develop. As a marketer, I often look for ways to increase my customer base. It is interesting but takes a lot of time. I use various programs and integrations, such as , in order to have at least a little more time for my children. I often take courses in economics, business and marketing, as this is good for my career
  • Hello all, I am an LPN working towards my RN
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