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Abdominal and back pain/pressure

Hey mamas! I’m currently 9w5d and since yesterday I have had some abdominal and back pain/pressure! Like it feels like something is going to fall out of my vagina/butt 😭 it’s uncomfortable but not like painful! Any other mamas experience this? Should I be concerned? No bleeding or excess vaginal discharge! Is it possible I just need to get a stool softener for potential constipation? TIA!

Re: Abdominal and back pain/pressure

  • Hi @houschyamama and welcome to March 2023. We generally discourage one-off posts like this as it clogs up the board and makes following threads more difficult. We also have a monthly questions thread or a weekly symptoms thread, which would be perfect threads for this post if you want to ask your question there. 

    If you would like to join us, please introduce yourself in the Introductions thread pinned at the top of the board. There is also a board organization thread, or feel free to lurk a bit if you want to see how our board runs. Good luck!

  • Also I would call your provider to share your concerns and see what they suggest. 
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