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Weekly Symptoms Thread w/o 8/8

Post your symptoms here this week!


it finally happened. I vomited twice this morning 😭😭😭 I never threw up once my last pregnancy and never even had an inkling of morning sickness. I also keep wondering if I have a stomach bug because I was on the toilet off and on too but no fever. I know hormones can mess with bowel movements too and that’s common for me so I’m hoping it’s just morning sickness since I ate at a salad bar yesterday 😅

Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread w/o 8/8

  • 11 weeks today!

    My nausea I thiiiink is maybe calming down a bit? Which is exciting! Still very tired and definitely getting much more emotional. I had a nice big cry last night about still having to get through 5 more secretly pregnant days of work before my holidays.
  • @mamahosch I’m sorry!! I have today off and had grand plans for a Poke Bowl for lunch and I’m instead on the couch eating mashed potatoes. 😭 I hope it’s all hormonal for you and not a true illness!

    @youcanhavemanhattan Fingers crossed on the nausea. 
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  • I am not feeling well at all. Constantly nauseous and gagging, exhausted all day, breasts are super swollen and sore. I’ve always had all of the normal pregnancy symptoms with each pregnancy, but this one seems so much more intense 😩
  • Week 9 was definitely different! I was nauseous throughout the day(previously I was nauseous up until 2ish), but I was able to eat more.🤷🏼‍♀️ My boobs tingle every time I get out of bed and there was a time last week when my nipples were sooo sensitive that wearing a large shirt without a bra on hurt! Luckily that only lasted a day, but it was weird 😂. I took way more naps last week and bawled my eyes out after watching a funny video.🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow, so we’ll see what’s in store this week😂
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    Hormonal emotions are happening here bigtime. Last night I spilled some orange juice and cried for a solid 10 mins. Not necessarily about the orange juice, but because MH cleaned it up for me and it was just so nice  :)
  • I don't really have nausea yet, which of course makes me nervous. My boobs are sore, and I'm completely exhausted and emotional. I am also a bottomless pit. I can eat an entire meal and still feel like I haven't eaten in a week. 
  • The bloat is real this week. I just feel like I'm looking pregnant constantly and as a STM maybe I'm starting to show but good gravy, 10 weeks feels early for that? 
  • I'm nauseous al day every day. Throw up 1-2 times a day. I can't wait till this part of pregnancy is over. It's trying my patience with my toddler, who I sent to daycare today after potty training him for four days. He's doing well with it, at least! He sees me throw up each time and was worried, but now he just says, "you're done throwing up!" when I finish. Lol. 😂😭
  • @heytallmama I’ve been sooo bloated, like I eat a meal and need to lay down for 3 hours after lol. It’s gotten worse after Monday’s stomach bug too
  • mamahosch said:
    @heytallmama I’ve been sooo bloated, like I eat a meal and need to lay down for 3 hours after lol. It’s gotten worse after Monday’s stomach bug too
    ugh, sorry you've had the stomach bug, too! i'm sure it's all gas for me  :joy: hopefully you start feeling on the up and up soon! 
  • @heytallmama haha thank you! I actually felt soooo much better yesterday, which I was glad for since I had my first appt/ultrasound! And hubby had to miss it because he felt sick too. Lol. He’s missed both of my first ultrasounds 😂
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @heytallmama been in my maternity shorts for a solid week over here already! I remember switching over at 16 weeks with my first - this time I wasn’t even 10 weeks 😂
  • @muggsd ok so my bestie just sent me pics from her recent (2nd) pregnancy and her 10 week belly looks like mine and she was visibly preg by 13! Maybe it is an actual bump!?! Weird! 
  • @heytallmama muscle memory, stretched out stomach from previous pregnancies, and insane bloat is absolutely miserable! I think around 12/13wks is when I stopped being so bloated and started noticing a little bump with my second+ pregnancies. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @heytallmama I am with you on the bloat and showing early for the second. I had to retire my normal pants and wore my maternity jeans yesterday. I am definitely showing. My co-worker is also pregnant with her second. She is a month ahead of me and is 100% showing. I was looking at pictures from my last pregnancy and I definitely had a little bump at this time. I feel like its also feels bigger because I do have more fat on my stomach this time around. 
  • @heytallmama - I was bloated until the beginning of this week. Now I'm not so big, but I can feel the actual uterus in my lower abdomen. Hopefully that bloat won't last too much longer for you!
  • Nausea has escalated significantly week 9... yesterday I threw up so hard I peed my pants.... 😬 ... Hubby and I had a good laugh about it (after I finished crying)... its been a Rollercoaster of emotions this week too

    I read somewhere that hormones peak around now so hopefully everything calms down in the coming weeks 🙏 
  • @steph_a_roo - I'm with you on the peeing your pants while vomiting. Not a pretty look. Also, my face tends to pop little blood vessels whenever I vomit hard, and it was covered with little red freckles. The things we do for our babies!
  • The nausea ramped up today. I'm nervous because we have our trip to Vancouver in just over a week. My daughter was eating peanut butter and I couldn't stand the smell. 😭
  • I thought my nausea was bad 2 weeks ago… I’m 8 weeks today and I think it just tripled in intensity overnight. I threw up last night, I’ve been constipated (for me at least), so I think that was contributing. Then on top of all of that every time I eat the gas is so horribly painful. Gas X has helped before eating. I got prescribed zofran and it’s starting not to help. Today I’m trying fresh lemon and some frozen ginger balls and putting it in warm water. I think it helped a little. But I can’t find anything that I want to eat. I threw up in my mouth today which came out of nowhere 😂 I have my first ultrasound in 4 days, then my parents are coming 3 days later and we are planning on surprising them. But I can’t imagine keeping this at bay until we can tell them the next day 
  • So here’s a random symptom. I know prolactin causes relaxin in the joints ect but my right hip pops with every step and it’s starting to make my leg hurt like it pinched a nerve maybe? So weird. Gonna start up with weekly chiro visits soon I guess
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