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Weekly Symptom Thread w/o 8/1

How far along are you?

How are you feeling?

Any questions?

Re: Weekly Symptom Thread w/o 8/1

  • 10 weeks today! I cannot believe how tired I am. And I'm really struggling to eat well. I don't even take lunch with me to work anymore because my appetite for whatever I brought is gone by the time I get to eat it. I basically just run to a nearby store or order in every day now 😳. Please tell me others are having this problem, too. I am starting to worry about not eating well enough for baby.
  • @youcanhavemanhattan same boat as you! Rarely any food sounds good so I’m on a steady diet of toast and applesauce. When I get the whim of eating something else I capitalize on it so I get some variety— which usually means ordering in. But right now it’s a lot of things like bread, pasta, mashed potatoes…you know, nutrient rich stuff 😂 I had a salad today though and I call that a win! 
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  • @youcanhavemanhattan @heytallmama same boat! It was like this with DD too, so I eventually stopped trying to meal plan because I usually couldn't stomach whatever it was that I had planned to make. I try to eat something if I have a taste for it; last night I made grilled chicken sandwiches with ranch, spinach and tomato. I'm calling it a win!
  • @youcanhavemanhattan I feel your pain! Nothing sounds good and if it does sound good now, chances are it will be bad about 20 minutes after I eat it. I'm living off crackers, lemon Italian ice and bananas these days. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤢
  • @youcanhavemanhattan Yes I'm constantly going to to store or ordering food for whatever I'm feeling like I can stomach at the moment. Yesterday I made my first dinner in weeks!
  • ruby-sruby-s member
    It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling like this!! This is my first, I’m only in week 6, and I had such lofty ambitions of keeping a nutrient rich and balanced diet for the baby, but I’m mostly just eating oatmeal and crackers. It’s only been about a week of morning sickness and it feels like it’s been forever. We canceled a road trip we had planned because I can’t be in a car for very long without the nausea getting worse.
  • @ruby-s ahh the roadtrip dilemma! I'm flying to be a bridesmaid in a wedding later this month, but my husband is going to drive out a couple days after I fly to meet me there. Then the plan is to do the 14 hr drive back with him after the wedding week is over. We've at least split it into two days of driving with a hotel on a lake in between to make it a bit nicer, but I do not know how I'm gonna make it through 😳
  • @youcanhavemanhattan @ruby-s have either of you tried sea bands? They might help with the car sickness a bit. 
  • Only 6 weeks. Not a lot of symptoms other than my boobs hurt, bloating, and today I finally actually felt so tired I slept at work. dose any one have experience with their boobs hurting a little less than the pervious weeks 4 and 5 or am I just used to it now?
  • Is anyone else's nausea triggered by movement? I'm fine most of the time but I get short of breath walking around at work and if I push past that, then I get nauseous. It's worse after eating, so carrying my toddler upstairs after dinner for bedtime makes me nauseous every night.
  • Here’s a fun symptom: eye spinners! I get like- a streak of what look like prism spinners in my eyes for about 15 minutes. Happened the first time 2 weeks ago and I chalked it up to not having had anything to eat and it was ~10am. It happened a few days ago in the morning (I had eaten) and prevented me from going on a walk. I’m assuming this is a BP thing, right? I’ve never had BP issues, even in my former pregnancy. I’m trying yo decide how big my level of concern should be given it’s only happened twice but…it does seem odd. 

    I also had ICL surgery (kinda like lasik- they insert a permanent lens behind my cornea) in January so there’s a part of me that’s worried the two may be related?
  • @novamama2023 I haven't tried the bands before but I've seen a few people say they work for them, so it seems like I should give them a try!
  • Ladies I’m getting reaaaal tired of the shortness of breath 😫 I had horrible heartburn in my chest earlier in the week paired with shortness of breath so I naturally thought I was having a heart attack 🤣
  • @heytallmama That actually sounds like a migraine aura called a scintillating scotoma! I have chronic migraine disease so these are really common for me. BUT if you've never had them before you should talk with your doctor. They can be a sign of other not good things too so it's important to keep track of them, without freaking yourself out. I know that's easier said than done. 
  • @novamama2023 I’ve never heard of that- thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely keep track of them and the context to bring up during my midwife visit at the end of the month. 
  • @heytallmama - I had those vision flashes with my first and second pregnancy. My eye doctor called them ocular migraines. Basically my head didn't hurt at all, only my vision flashed for about 15-30 minutes. I would have to lay down and do nothing because I couldn't see. On the worst episode, I also had numbness down my arm and my brain was sort of foggy, but both my OB and eye doctor reassured me that it wasn't a stroke or eclampsia, just a weird hormone related thing.
    This is the closest Google image to what I would see:

  • @marebear15 YES! I was googling images after @novamama2023 said what they were called, and this is the kind of image that had me going "yep - thats about it!"  Your experience sounds similar to mine; can't see, so gotta take a seat and close my eyes. I haven't had any other numbness or anything, but yeah -- no headache to pair with the vision stuff (interesting since I get headaches more frequently now).  Thank you for sharing your input! 
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @heytallmama it's weird cause I've never had anything like this before, or heard of it. But on the weekend I randomly had an episode just like what you describe. I'll have to watch out for it happening again as well!
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