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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

D&C in office with numbing meds vs in OR with anesthesia

Just found out about miscarriage and I think I am going to opt for the D&C. I have the option of procedure in clinic with numbing or in OR with anesthesia. Has anyone had experience with one vs the other. I really don’t want to go under anesthesia but also worried about being awake and feeling any pain. Thanks. 

Re: D&C in office with numbing meds vs in OR with anesthesia

  • Hey you may have already gone through the procedure, but I did D and C with general anesthesia. I also didn’t want to be awake since I had been crying all day. As far as procedures go, it was relatively painless and I would choose it all over again. Sending love mama 💕 this stuff is hard.
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    I wanted to share my experience of a d&c with local. I chose this option to avoid fully “going under”, and it could be scheduled sooner. My loss occurred at 6 wks, and the procedure happened when I would have been 11 wks. 

    It was not as painful as I expected! I was prepped with antibiotics, Valium, oxycodone, and tramadol. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the local numbing injections down there. The actual procedure was uncomfortable - heavy pressure and moderate cramping - but that part lasted for 2 rounds of 30-45 seconds. The entire procedure took 5-10 mins, and most of that was more me expecting pain, vs actually being in pain. I had some light cramping afterwards, but it wasn’t bad. 

    As far as mentally being awake - we had a long 12 days between ultrasounds, where we knew it was probably not going to end well. By the time my d&c happened, I’d had 2 wks to start processing and…. Be a little more stable emotionally. And like I wrote earlier, I was pretty focused on expecting pain while the procedure was actually happening. 

    Everyone’s different, but I hope this helps someone else who was to deal with this awful situation 
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