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D&C in office with numbing meds vs in OR with anesthesia

Just found out about miscarriage and I think I am going to opt for the D&C. I have the option of procedure in clinic with numbing or in OR with anesthesia. Has anyone had experience with one vs the other. I really don’t want to go under anesthesia but also worried about being awake and feeling any pain. Thanks. 

Re: D&C in office with numbing meds vs in OR with anesthesia

  • Hey you may have already gone through the procedure, but I did D and C with general anesthesia. I also didn’t want to be awake since I had been crying all day. As far as procedures go, it was relatively painless and I would choose it all over again. Sending love mama 💕 this stuff is hard.
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    I wanted to share my experience of a d&c with local. I chose this option to avoid fully “going under”, and it could be scheduled sooner. My loss occurred at 6 wks, and the procedure happened when I would have been 11 wks. 

    It was not as painful as I expected! I was prepped with antibiotics, Valium, oxycodone, and tramadol. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the local numbing injections down there. The actual procedure was uncomfortable - heavy pressure and moderate cramping - but that part lasted for 2 rounds of 30-45 seconds. The entire procedure took 5-10 mins, and most of that was more me expecting pain, vs actually being in pain. I had some light cramping afterwards, but it wasn’t bad. 

    As far as mentally being awake - we had a long 12 days between ultrasounds, where we knew it was probably not going to end well. By the time my d&c happened, I’d had 2 wks to start processing and…. Be a little more stable emotionally. And like I wrote earlier, I was pretty focused on expecting pain while the procedure was actually happening. 

    Everyone’s different, but I hope this helps someone else who was to deal with this awful situation 
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  • I just got home from my procedure. I had heavy sedation with propofol and fentanyl- so not true GA (I was breathing on my own the whole time) but I don’t remember anything. I stayed awake through the “just in case US” for my own peace of mind to confirm no heartbeat, but then I was sobbing one moment and in recovery the next. This is never easy, but for me, I’m so very grateful I proceeded in this way. 
  • I just had my d&c today and opted for “conscious sedation” so not completely under and breathing on my own. I was awake and aware during the procedure. They use localized anesthetic in the area but it really didn’t hurt that badly, the IV might’ve hurt more and it’s not more uncomfortable than a Pap smear. I remember crying but the nurses are extremely supportive throughout the process and it was relatively fast.
    All in all, I’m thankful I went this route.
  • Thank you, you made my day.
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