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October 2022 Moms

Product Spotlight: Health & Safety

FTMs: what questions do you have? Products you want to know about?

S+TMs: what are your recommendations? think medications, illness, thermometer, gas/colic "treatment," how do you give baby meds? What's in your first aid kit? teething remedies?  recommendations for clipping those tiny fingernails? 

Re: Product Spotlight: Health & Safety

  • Okay I gift this to most new parents. The bbluv trimo electric nail file saved my anxiety about nails big time. It gently files baby's nail down instead of having to clip or cut anything, and has different files for different stages in their development. I was terrified of clipping baby's nails because I've nicked the quick on my puggy a couple times and it's traumatic. This file was a gift to us at our shower for him and saved my brain. Put it on your registries!!!

    Camilia drops are our go-to for teething, but if he's gotten feverish we would use Tylenol. I think we were lucky though and only had to use the tylenol once or twice.

    Always have infant Tylenol and advil on hand, infant gravol not a bad idea to have on hand.

    For a thermometer I don't have a specific recommendation other than to have one that reads very quickly. We initially had one from one of those gifted newborn safety kits and my midwife was like... no buddy. Too slow for a wiggly newborn. Ideally she recommended an armpit read that takes an almost immediate read. I think in the midwifery clinic they have the Braun ones but those were sold out when we were looking because of the pandemic.
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