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Nervous for Birthing Class

Hi, all!

My husband and I are signed up for a 4 hour birthing class next week. I am feeling nervous. When I think about the process of giving birth, I actually begin to feel light headed. I read the book "Bumpin'" and while that wasn't even very graphic or detailed, I actually had to take pauses a few times cause I began to feel sick and worried.

Any suggestions for a squeamish/nervous mom in a childbirth education class? 

Re: Nervous for Birthing Class

  • krthousekrthouse member
    It is totally common to feel anxious about this, so first know that you're not at all alone and it is normal to be afraid. When you have those feelings of being afraid it's great to take pauses and in those pauses try to ground yourself with steady slow breathing and consciously go through your body in your mind telling each part to relax (especially your forehead, jaw and shoulders, hands, feet). Fear will likely come up when you're in labour so having fear now is a great opportunity to practice acknowledging it and breathing through it. 

    As for in the class, try if you can to separate yourself from it enough to come at it from an approach of curiosity and fascination if you can. Thinking "that's going to hurt me " or "I'm scared of that change" is totally valid, but in your mind try to layer in "that's wild our bodies can do that" or "that's weird and cool". You can even layer in "that's so gross" and let that be a funny thing instead of a scary thing. I know it's easier said then done, but sometimes detaching enough to just observe the information can help.

    Our bodies are designed to be able to do this, and the medical world has advanced so much to help us recover faster. You will be safe, and any changes that happen will be okay. You've got this, mama.
  • That’s very normal. I was like that too. Daily affirmations or even hypnotherapy if you’re into that (like Hypnobabies) can help ease bad anxiety. Just remember that you and your body can do this and that you’ll be safe and cared for no matter what way your baby comes out.
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